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If you have persistent neck pain, this informative step-by-step handbook will help you relieve your pain and prevent symptoms from occurring in the future. Learn the primary causes of neck pain and treatments for neck pain, plus a series of simple exercises designed to help alleviate your neck pain quickly and prevent any recurrence. Providing a comprehensive system of awareness, education and exercise prevention for common neck pain and injury, Treat Your Own Neck is your comprehensive resource for neck self-management.
Addresses many of the problems associated with back related pain, including headache. It outlines active patient exercise and prevention programmes for various types of back pain. It provides education and understanding to help prevent recurrence of symptoms.
This easy-to-read patient handbook provides the reaxer with an active self-treatment plan to effectively treat and prevent the return of shoulder pain and other related pain. Wellington born Robin McKenzie is a world renowned spinal expert and is recognized internationally as an authority on the diagnosis and treatment of lower back pain and neck pain. He was voted the most influential person in orthopaedic physical therapy in the USA. His titles have been translated into almost 20 languages and have sold millions of copies all over the world.
In this easy-to-follow book, Wendy Green explains how genetics, age, infections, diet, excess weight, previous injuries and stress contribute to arthritis, and offers practical advice and a holistic approach to help you deal with the symptoms. From simple dietary and lifestyle changes to DIY complementary therapies. Find out 50 things you can do today including: • Choose beneficial foods and supplements • Manage stress and relax to prevent and ease pain • Discover practical tips to make everyday living easier • Identify ways to help young arthritis sufferers • Find helpful organisations and products

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