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Dr. Witiak's stories of the bond between the veterinarian, client, and pet take the reader into the exam room and on house calls to experience the laughable calamities, miscues, and surprises as well as the personal sorrows, revelations, and joys that treating animals can bring.
In 1940s Los Angeles, an unidentified murder victim is found bisected in a shadowy lot. A catchy nickname is given her in jest—"The Virgin Tramp"—and suddenly a "nice little homicide that would have drifted off the front pages in a couple of days" becomes a storm center. Two brothers, Tom and Des Spellacy, are at the heart of this powerful novel of Irish-Catholic life in Southern California just after World War II. Played in the film version by Robert Duvall and Robert De Niro respectively, Tom is a homicide detective and Des is a priest on the rise within the Church. The murder investigation provides the background against which are played the ever changing loyalties of the two brothers. Theirs is a world of favors and fixes, power and promises, inhabited by priests and pimps, cops and contractors, boxers and jockeys and lesbian fight promoters and lawyers who know how to put the fix in. A fast-paced and often hilarious classic of contemporary fiction, True Confessions is about a crime that has no solutions, only victims. More important, it is about the complex relationship between Tom and Des Spellacy, each tainted with the guilt and hostility that separate brothers.
This is a book about parts of ourselves that we sometimes don't want to admit. And get, as we bring them to God be opens great fountains of grace. Inviting God into our negative emotions and painful struggles often brings the deepest growth and healing in our lives. Book jacket.
Being in love with your best friend shouldn't be this difficult. Lesbian novelist Lynn Patrick returns home to Portland, Oregon, for the holidays and discovers that her lifelong friend, Jessie, has separated from her husband. During a game of True Confessions, Lynn finally sees her chance to admit her feelings for Jessie, but she doesn't take it. She knows Jessie needs a friend now, and not another complication at this point in her life. For Jessica Greenfield, nothing has ever been simple. Her father was abusive, and she married a man just like him. Her husband has already put her in the hospital once and has threatened her since they separated. All Jessie cares about is protecting the people she loves, and that includes her six-year-old daughter, Amber. When Jessie's husband shows up looking to make good on his threats, Lynn finds herself caught in the middle. Will Lynn and Jessie be able to weather the storm, or will he succeed in keeping them apart forever?
True Confessions is a brilliantly entertaining rom-com from New York Times bestseller Rachel Gibson - perfect for fans of Jill Shalvis, Jo Watson and Christina Lauren. Most folks in Gospel ain't seen nothing like Hope Spencer before. All L.A. attitude and spray-on-jeans, the arrival of tabloid reporter Hope sets tongues wagging - what's a big-city girl like her doing in a small-town like this? Investigating, that's what. Hope needs a major scoop to save her career and not even the rugged good looks of Sheriff Dylan Taber are going to distract her. But what if Dylan's the good news that she's been looking for...?
Kennedy Logan is gorgeous, talented and in love with Drake Collins. She thinks it's the real thing; he's in for the sex. But she's not going to give up winning him without a fight. Because Kennedy doesn't give up—after all, she hasn't quit searching for her biological mother who abandoned her at birth. But things get to a point where it all becomes too much, resulting in a failed suicide attempt. Her life then gets considerably worse when her overbearing mother, Dorothy Logan, moves in with her, bent on getting her daughter's life back in order. The first step is getting rid of Drake Collins once and for all, with a little help from Kennedy's best friend, Taylor. But that's easier said than done. . .. At her psychiatrist's advice, Kennedy uses writing as her therapy. She starts to keep a daily journal detailing the erotic circumstances and family drama that led up to her despair. But what's really going on between the pages will be a shocker for everyone involved. . ..
" A beautiful reflection on the extraordinary nature of every life, when lived with heart and a sense of awe before the Spirit at the center of everything." - Marianne Williamson, author of Everyday Grace and A Return to Love " If you are looking for a compassionate and wise guide on your spiritual journey, read this book." -Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Beyond the Body and Healing Words This inspiring guide to Awakening captures elusive spiritual concepts and carries them into the tough realities of everyday life. With clarity, candor, and a light touch, author Sarah Eames: explains how Awakening happens illustrates the process by telling tales on herself involves readers in experimenting with Awakened perception teaches the art of working with inner guidance alerts readers to pitfalls and illusions on the Path Revelation, Illusions, and True Confessions is for those who are curious about, dedicated to, or struggling with the inner journey.
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Twenty-seven pioneering thinkers share their discovery of and commitment to feminism in this essential collection. In a series of autobiographical reflections, the contributors to True Confessions, including Gayatri Spivak, Sandra M. Gilbert, Hortense Spillers, and Martha Nussbaum, among others, tell us what experiences ground their activism and how they confronted the dilemmas they faced in the course of their training and careers. Why do a family's religious practices captivate or repel girls grappling with their parents' faith? What happens when a lesbian graduate student assumes she must be closeted, or when a female professor encounters hostility from other women on the faculty, or when a feminist professor is accused of sexually harassing her graduate students? Susan Gubar has selected the most influential thinkers in the humanities to elucidate the origins as well as the consequences of their commitment to feminism and its institutionalization in higher education. This is an indispensable book for anyone who cares about the place of feminism in today's landscape.
Shane Gordon is the author of two books, Dear Baby Boomers and The Tenth Man. This book is Short Stories, Tall Tales And True Confessions. Something for everyone from 16 to 65 plus, some funny, some serious, some just stories.
Discover the brilliantly funny True Confessions of Margaret Hilda Roberts by Sue Townsend, 'the funniest person in the world' - Caitlin Moran, The Times Tuesday May 24th Had a lie in until 6am. Then got out of bed and had a brisk rub down with the pumice stone. I opened the curtains and saw that the sun was shining brightly. (A suspicion is growing in my mind that the BBC is not to be trusted.) Margaret Hilda Roberts is a rather ambitious 14 1⁄4 year old grocer's daughter from Grantham. She can't abide laziness, finds four hours of chemistry homework delightful and believes she is of royal birth - or at least destined for great things. But Margaret knows that good things never come to those who wait . . . These are the secret diary entries of a girl born into an ordinary life, yet who might just go on to become something really rather extraordinary, and she is brilliantly brought vividly to life by bestselling author Sue Townsend, Britain's favourite comic writer for over three decades. 'Essential reading for Mole followers' Times Educational Supplement 'Wonderfully funny and sharp as knives' Sunday Times
This book wrote itself, so to speak. For many years this author had maintained the attitude that the multifarious erotic experiences that are the subject of this book ought to remain in the minds of the participants, to be reawakened, revisited and enjoyed only by them. This instinctive assessment gradually morphed into a realization that there lies no shame in sharing one's sexual adventures with whoever cares to visit them and / or vicariously participate. The abiding caveat being, of course, to scrupulously maintain the privacy of the individuals who unwittingly share this largesse allowing for the enjoyment of countless third party participants. This book then is dedicated to those who venture to enjoy the erotic journeys of the senses. Are there those that do not ?
It was a time when color television was the newest technology, the hula hoop was the latest fad and the evening news typically began with coverage of the Vietnam War. At 116 Nevada Street in Dubuque, Iowa, life was reasonably good. In this memoir, author Roger Neuhaus reminisces about his life in this time period, growing up as one of eight children in a strict Catholic family. Nostalgic and often humorous, (Mostly) True Confessions of a Recovering Catholic tells of a neighborhood filled with youthful adventures and an array of Catholic grade school and church experiences, including a colorful cast of mischievous characters. This anthology of anecdotes takes place from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s, addressing the changing times of the era. Neuhaus narrates tales of a simpler time and place, one filled with the wonder, excitement, and playfulness of youth. (Mostly) True Confessions of a Recovering Catholic shows how the teachings of the Catholic Church and his family’s core values worked to shape the future of one young man.
Just when you thought suburbia was a great place to raise your kids, along comes this surprisingly candid account of life in a neighborhood not unlike your own. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this humorous look at life in the suburbs as seen through the eyes of a stay-at-home dad. True Confessions of a Real Mr. Mom is a funny, heart-warming and honest account of one man's journey through family life and the wisdom he has gained. You'll love this delightful and often touching autobiographical tale of marriage, raising children, and coping with the trials and tribulations associated with being everyone's favorite confidant.
'Wonderfully funny and sharp as knives' Sunday Times In the third instalment of the hilarious Adrian Mole series, 16-year-old Adrian navigates his way into adulthood . . . Monday June 13th I had a good, proper look at myself in the mirror tonight. I've always wanted to look clever, but at the age of twenty years and three months I have to admit that I look like a person who has never even heard of Jung or Updike. Adrian Mole is an adult. At least that's what it says on his passport. But living at home, clinging to his threadbare cuddly rabbit 'Pinky', working as a paper pusher for the DoE and pining for the love of his life, Pandora, has proved to him that adulthood isn't quite what he expected. Still, without the slings and arrows of modern life what else would an intellectual poet have to write about . . . __________ 'Essential reading for Mole followers' Times Educational Supplement 'Townsend has held a mirror up to the nation and made us happy to laugh at what we see in it' Sunday Telegraph 'The funniest person in the world' Caitlin Moran
WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH… Join the PTA? Yes, according to Maggie, Barbara and Elizabeth. Because despite their differences—one is a recent widow; one is a late-in-life mother; and one is a supermom whose surprise pregnancy, she fears, will result in complications—all three women have one thing in common: their daughters. They’d do anything for them…. But is anything enough? Because one girl just can’t adjust, one is terrified to be alone—and one is the mystery blogger who’s wreaking havoc from one end of the student body to the other. Seems as if there are a lot of secrets in this small town. And despite the gossip, not a lot of talking going on….
A former show dog breeder and retired Veterinary Technician of over 20 years gives you a peek behind the Treatment Doors of Veterinary Hospitals and the rather harsh realities of the dog breeding world.
True Confessions from a Wannabe Heel is a collection composed of memoir -themed personal essays in lyrical and mosaic styles touching on the themes of violence, wrestling, sexuality, love, mental health, and the significance of home. The essays are representative of my experiences growing up in an unstable home and how the effects of growing up in that environment shaped how I view the world around me. There are essays reflecting on how we perceive violence in the world, and how that violence has become more widely accepted, and how the line that we draw for what is acceptable seems to move with each trauma. The collection also explores the dynamics of marriage, the burdens we carry for those that we love, and the power of storytelling through a controlled lens, a theme highlighted by the strong focus on different wrestling storylines.
At almost 19 Adrian Mole is still concerned about his lunar complexion. He has generously agreed to share the pages of this book with two other well known, if less distinguished writers: Margaret Hilda Roberts, who at 14 has seen a fortune teller who has hinted what life may hold in store, and she was written to the king to enquire whether she is the rightful heir to the throne; and, Sue Townsend who contributes a collection of vivid and "candid" writings from home and abroad. Mad, funny and of course, true ...

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