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Spacemen 3 are the greatest rock band of which you've never heard. This briefly surveys the backgrounds of songwriters Pete 'Sonic Boom' Kember and Jason 'Spacemen' Pierce during their childhood years and adolescent collaborations, from which would forge cult-icons Spacemen 3. It recounts the highs and lows of a backwater band whose history is littered with excess, heroin addiction and ambition. Author Erik Morse also paints a history of the British indie-rock scene of the mid 80s from its post-punk roots to the earliest days of acid house and Spacemen 3's role in reinventing psychedelia for a new generation including bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine. Includes interviews from several major players in and around Spacemen 3 who recount the now legendary concerts, road tours and behind the scenes myths surrounding the recording of the underground classics Perfect Prescription and Playing with Fire. It uncovers the yet untold stories of greed and ambition that came from business impresarios to major labels and the inevitable collapse of the band at the end of the 80s. Morse looks at the earliest days of offspring bands Spectrum and Spiritualized founded by Kember and Pierce following the dissolution of Spacemen 3. Contains discography of Spacemen 3 as well as early releases from Spectrum and Spiritualized as well as rare bootlegs and live recordings.
am single but I am hoping. Praying for a mate. Someone to settle down with, marry and share a nice and successful life with. I believe that someone special is searching for me too, but, before I meet them. Before they show up at the door, let me make a check list similar to like when I go shopping at the store. I need to know if I’m really prepared. Okay...My wardrobes together. I may have a good looking home and possibly a nice size bank account. These things are important but more my thinking straight. Am I really clear. Am I truly ready for a good partner, truly ready for a good mate. Okay...let’s not panic. Let’s be cool. Let’s stop for a minute and put on our serious face. Now, I’m tired of the games and waddling in worldliness, and, yes I really am ready to commit. I’m ready for faithfulness. I’m willing to make this great sacrifice to be and come clean. I will cook, wash, and sometime stay up through the night. Run around all day to keep things right. Relationships are work not just all fun. Realizing the work I put in is not just for the one of you but for the both of you. That what I’m asked to do, expected to do will in the end help pull us through. That everything, all of it pays off like a million dollars in your pocket when you see you and your mate coming along, you’re a happy couple. When the two of you are bonding, planning, staying together. When you roll through whatever obstacles that come your way. When you’re able to laugh, sing and dance wrapped in one another’s arms. When you’re blessed with a companion that you love and would die for...tell me this, who really can ask for anything more. Once we realize there is nothing more important in life than to do as God said which is to meet and then wed. Once we really understand this...there is nothing else to be said.
Every person has one thing in common, no matter what your ethnic, financial or religious status happens to be. This common denominator affects you whether you are male or female, and it causes you to spend hordes of time energy and money for its pursuit. What is it? Love. Since the dawning of time, there has always been a need to share our lives with someone else. Thus God's proclamation, "It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him (Genesis 2:18, NASB)." As Eve was created out of Adam, so do we all long for someone perfectly created for us. We desire a relationship in which we are connected to someone else in perfect harmony. The notion of a soulmate is woven into the fabric of our consciousness. We are all in a search for this seemingly mythical person and relationship. The key to this discovery can be found within the pages of the Bible. Once you've understood the mysteries that are hidden away in this sacred text, you too will be able to find what hundreds of others have already found: your soulmate.
Are you tired of only hearing one side of the story? Do you want to understand the big picture in your relationships? Drawn from observations, research, and life experiences, A Talk with Women, A Hint to Men tells the inside story on different situations that could happen in any person's relationships. A Talk with Women, A Hint to Men takes you from high school and out into the world, where most people experience a plethora of emotions, love, and uncertainty. Take the time to reflect on some of your low points in life as you read about similar experiences, and learn to see how each one has transformed into journeys of self-discovery. The fictional accounts described will show you that the brutal lessons in life give you the strength to overcome any situation. The stories may be fictional, but the emotions and lessons learned will sound all too familiar. Life throws curveballs at your relationships, but you can learn to weather the storms. A Talk with Women, A Hint to Men can teach you how.
What makes great writing great writing is not spelling or grammar or syntax, but honesty. Not the careless honesty of our emotions, but the intellectual honesty that results from careful thoughts combined with a firm insistence that we write only true things. The honest writer always seeks to avoid deception, always believes writing the truth is more important than proving a point. Honesty in the Use of Words by Martin Naparsteck adds a new dimension to such classic writing advice as William Strunk and E.B. Whites The Elements of Style and George Orwells Politics and the English Language.

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