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Written for every wood turner, this complete guide uses clear language and more than 125 detailed photos to cover every step required to turn beautiful bangles. Bangles are easy to make with common shop tools and a small lathe, if you have the right techniques. This book, starting with bangles' basic design steps, and how to build fixtures for your lathe that are designed to accurately cut segments, takes you all the way through the finishing steps. A bonus chapter describes methods for using special techniques to make your bangles unique. Because of their small size, bangles requires less additional woodworking equipment, and they lend themselves to shortcuts that are not possible with larger segmented projects. With the shortcuts detailed in this book, you can turn unique and complicated-looking bangles in a very short time.
The lengthy subtitle aptly describes the content of this volume as an 'Analysis of the morphology, manufacture and use of selected categories of domestic wooden artefacts with particular reference to the material from Roman Britain'. Paola Pugsley presents an in-depth analysis of a limited assemblage of domestic wooden material from Britain, and comparative objects from Europe, discussing issues and problems of preservation, deposition and interpretation. Among the objects considered are combs and other grooming accessories, wood-soled footwear, boxes, tableware and kitchen equipment, supplemented by evidence from literary sources, iconography and an experimental study that focused on technological aspects. Pugsley concludes that many of the objects had important social as well as utilitarian functions and that the Roman period was a time of innovation which led to significant developments in technology and design. English text; abstracts in French, Italian and German.
The Wortatlas der arabischen Dialekte / Word Atlas of Arabic Dialects (WAD) intends to provide an unprecedented survey of the lexical richness and diversity of the Arabic dialects as spoken from Uzbekistan to Mauretania and Nigeria, from Malta to Sudan, and including the Ki-Nubi Creole as spoken in Uganda and Kenya. The atlas will be indispensable for everyone interested in the modern spoken Arabic language, as well as for dialectologists and for semanticists.

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