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Alice Hastings Bradley Sheldon - better known to the world as science fiction writer James Tiptree, Jr - produced just two novels, in a glittering but tragically short career. Gollancz is delighted to present them together in this omnibus edition: UP THE WALLS OF THE WORLD A secret US navy research project is founded to investigate the existence of paranormal powers, bringing together a variety of men and women who have shown indications of telepathic ability. As a result of the experiment they make mental contact with the Tyrenni, strange alien beings resembling winged squids who dwell in the upper atmosphere of their tempestuous world. The aliens' world, Tyree, is being threatened by a huge being, the Destroyer, which is moving inexorably towards them, obliterating whole solar systems in its path. When the Tyrenni realise that it threatens to exterminate life on Tyree, they are forced into the decision - contrary to all their moral beliefs - to take over the bodies of their human contacts in order to preserve their race. BRIGHTNESS FALLS FROM THE AIR Sixteen humans have come together on Damien, a distant world where once, dreams were stolen and atrocities took place. They have gathered to view the last rising of a manmade nova, the testament to a war none can forget. Soon, time will warp and masks will fall. Soon, violence will erupt anew - along with treachery, horror, murder, release and love. Soon, some will find justice . . . and others, judgement. Soon. Now, sixteen humans have gathered - to await the light of the Murdered Star.
"No man has employed the Western story formula with better results." —The New York Times From the legendary writer of the west comes two complete novels in one low-priced edition! Betty Zane Inspired by the life and adventures of his great-great-grandmother, this book launched Zane Grey’s career as a writer of the Western frontier. With resources dwindling during the siege of Fort McHenry, sixteen-year-old Betty Zane volunteers to raid a cache of gunpowder stored outside the fort's walls. Her bravery stunned the British and inspired her countrymen in the final battle of the American Revolution. To the Last Man Arizona's Tonto Basin has been fought over for decades. At its heart are two families, the Isbels and the Jorths. Gaston Isbel and Lee Jorth have vowed to destroy each other and their families and allies—to the last man, if need be. Neither realizes that Gaston’s son has fallen in love with Lee’s only daughter. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
THE COPPER BEECH By the school house at Shancarrig stands a copper beech, its bark scarred with the names and dreams of the pupils who have grown up under its branches. This tree is the gateway to Maeve Binchy's marvellous portrait of a small Irish town whose untroubled surface conceals the passions, rivalries, friendships, ambitions and jealousies beneath. EVENING CLASS Among the many evening classes starting all over Dublin is an 'Introduction to Italian'. On the surface it could be just one of hundreds in which some students will succeed and some will fall along the way. But the Italian class at Mountainview School has its own special quality, and the hopes and dreams of many people are tied up in the twice weekly lessons.
Goodbye Sweetheart: The outbreak of war in 1939 changes everything for the people of April Grove inPortsmouth. The Girls They Left Behind: In 1940 the neighbours of April Grove are close knit, patriotic and proud, but the onset of the Blitz puts their loyalties and strong family ties to the test as never before.
THE NEW RECTOR Peter Harris is the new rector of Turnham Malpas but, as he soon discovers village life is more complex than he'd bargained on. As events turn nasty in the village, Peter's pastoral role become more crucial than ever - and yet he must wrestle with his own demons that could still wreck his life. TALK OF THE VILLAGE The village of Turnham Malpas is bedevilled by talk. In the Royal Oak, the usual banter has turned to bitter wrangling amongst the inhabitants. No one is exempt from the cruel speculation of the village gossips.
CAREER GIRLS Rowena Gordon, an upper-class young English girl, and Topaz Rossi, a feisty American, meet and become the best of friends at Oxford. Both are determined to succeed in their chosen careers - Topaz as a journalist and Rowena as a scout for the music industry. But their friendship turns to rivalry when they fall out over a man ... THE MOVIE Screenwriter Megan Silver is a waitress in an L.A. burger joint, but she has an idea worth a million dollars - if only she can get someone to read her script. Supermodel Roxana Felix is the richest, bitchiest catwalk queen of them all. But she wants to be a movie star and she'll let nothing get in her way. Studio president Eleanor Marshall is the most powerful woman in Hollywood, yet her life is not complete. Three women, and the movie that will bring them all together...
ISFJs are very generous and kindhearted; they value cooperation and are careful of other people's feelings.. In this book you will find two classic novels specially selected to please the tastes of the ISFJ. For ISFJ, we chose: - Notre-Dame de Paris by Vitor Hugo. - Persuasion by Jane Austen. For more books that will suit you, be sure to check out our collection 7 Short Stories your Myers-Briggs Type Will Love!

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