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Defining complexity as an unsolved puzzle representing the most important scientific development since general relativity, a layperson's introduction draws on such disciplines as chaos, game theory, and economics to reveal unexpected ways in which order eventually emerges from the interaction of all things.
Two's company, but three's a calamity... TWO'S COMPANY is a funny, romantic novel from bestselling Jill Mansell, author of THE ONE YOU REALLY WANT and THREE AMAZING THINGS ABOUT YOU. Jack and Cass Mandeville are a dream couple, ridiculously happy together and successful to boot - Jack as a journalist and Cass with her own hugely popular radio show. Indeed, almost every member of the Mandeville family is famous in their own right: from stunning Cleo, a supermodel with attitude, to Sean, the rising star of the comedy circuit. Incredibly good-looking and likeable, the family have captured the hearts of the nation - and the nation's press. But on the day that Jack hits the big 40 - the same day that a redhead called Imogen turns up to interview Jack and Cass for Hi! magazine - their proverbial bubble is about to burst...
Ever wish you had a friend who you could share all your secrets with? Evie Denham has - her enchanted diary A weekend away in London with her her oldest friend, Hannah, causes problems between Evie and her new best friend, Beth. In friendships, it's sometimes hard to know the best way to show you care."
Charlie and Chloe make a great team! Chloe is Charlie's guide dog, and she's intelligent, brave and loyal. Charlie would hate to be without her. But Charlie's mom doesn't trust her doggy helper-- she thinks Chloe's unreliable. Can Neil help prove that Charlie and Chloe are a perfect pair-- before the twosome get into trouble?
В настоящей книге собраны английские парные идиомы и приравненные к ним устойчивые выражения с закреплённым порядком слов, так называемые сиамские близнецы. Для парных идиом характерны такие особенности как дублирование, аллитерация и рифмовка. Они легки для запоминания и последующего воспроизведения.Книга предназначена для широкого круга почитателей английской фразеологии, снабжена примерами разнообразных типов парных идиом.
Clemens sheds new light on how farmers, workers, and women invented strategies to circumvent the parties. Voters learned to monitor legislative processes, to hold their representatives accountable at the polls, and to institutionalize their ongoing participation in shaping policy. Closely analyzing the organizational politics in three states -- California, Washington, and Wisconsin -- she demonstrates how the political opportunity structure of federalism allowed regional innovations to exert leverage on national political institutions.
Collects more than sixty poems, riddles, and jokes about ghosts, ghouls, and monsters.

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