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Silver Hill Village, 2012. On the twentieth day of the seventh moon Kwok Yun is making her way across the rice fields on her Flying Pigeon bicycle. Her world is turned upside down when she sights a UFThing - a spinning plate in the sky - and helps the Westerner in distress whom she discovers in the shadow of the alien craft. It's not long before the village is crawling with men from the National Security and Intelligence Agency armed with pointed questions. And when the Westerner that Kwok Yun saved repays her kindness with a large dollar cheque she becomes a local celebrity, albeit under constant surveillance...
Innumerable explanations have been put forward for the phenomena, known popularly as U.F.O'S and Flying Saucers. Eminent psychologists explain them as purely mental phantasmagoria - symptomatic of mankind's age-old desire for "saviours from the sky". Enthusiastic arm-chair cosmonauts regard them as irrefutable proof that super intelligences from Out There are watching the Earth. A few un-scrupulous publicity seekers and practical jokers cash in on the public's curiosity and weird stories of little green men and pink ants go the rounds. Amateur military tacticians decide that the saucers are either out new secret weapons or the experimental weapons of some alien power. Interest rises and falls. The Great Debate continues. There are some other possibilities . . . and the implications of some are so horrifying that mere monsters from Beyond would be a pleasant anti-climax. This mature, challenging novel is not recommended for those who like to think of the everyday world in terms of permanence and security with humanity safely established at the head of creation. Elspeth Jermyn came dangerously close to the truth, and slowly but surely gathered a small group of helpers together. They worked in strictest secrecy against the Saucer Phenomena and the invidious menace behind it . . . if they failed, life would have no real meaning.
In UFO Frontier, Cincinnati-based Ufologist Kenny Young's body of work is revealed including his investigations into Jackie Gleason and "The Pickled Men", pre-Roswell UFO crashes, the 1997 "Phoenix Lights", phantom blasts, mystery planes, weird creatures, stealth aerospace technology, crop circles, police and government UFO incidents, and private industry involvement. No crackpot flying saucer personality or organization is safe from his level-headed criticism. Editor and fellow paranormal researcher S. Patrick Feeney merges several of Young's unpublished works into this single anthology.
This book entails the life of one who has not only become internationally respected as a UFO investigator and author but now as a so-called UFO abductee. It is strikingly different from other works dealing with UFO abductions in that it will provide an overview of the complete life of an abductee from early childhood to sunset years of his life. The exciting descriptions of UFO sightings, investigations and documentation would be worthy of a book themselves. The Chief Scientific Consultant for the USAF UFO Project Bluebook, Astronomer Dr. Hynek is on record as stating: "Raymond Fowler whose meticulous and detailed investigations far exceed the investigations of Bluebook." However, this book is about much more than investigating UFO sightings. Throughout the warp and weft of the author's UFO and paranormal experiences is the slow but sure realization that he has been investigated since childhood by the very phenomenon he was investigating!
Pieces of terror, pieces of suspense, and pieces of darkness combine to create Pieces of Hate, master storyteller Ray Garton's short story collection. Nine works, including "A Gift From Above," a new novel that will surely hit you from below, are here compiled for the sole purpose of scaring you onto the next page. Garton illuminates the dark corners in us all and highlights the depths of the human condition. He takes our ordinary, daily assumptions and turns them on the reader to frightening effect. He makes reading terrifying yet compulsive. He scares us in so many ways. Here are but a few brilliant examples in this one collection: "A Gift From Above," "Choices," "Pieces," "Cat Hater," "Bad Blood," "Ophilia Raphaeldo," "The Devil's Music," "Bait," "God's Work."
"If all thrillers were written as smoothly, as unpredictably, tense, and thrilling as THE CANDIDATE, I'd be reading all day and night and would probably be out of a job." -- Strand magazine Jack Hodges, a little-known US presidential candidate, knows his campaign is on its last legs. As he speaks at a rally in Iowa, a shot rings out. He survives the attempt on his life, and the incident finally propels Hodges to the front pages. Police arrest the would-be assassin, but she refuses to say a single word about who she is, or why she wanted Hodges dead. Entered outspoken campaign manager, Dee Babineaux, who seizes the momentum to get Hodges elected, and soon electrifies a nation with her candidate's qualities. But she knows it's vital to keep the mystery of the assassination attempt quiet, and that task falls to Make Sweeney, the true believe in Hodges' cause. Trying to outsmart journalists who are on the trail of for the truth, Sweeney's journey uncovers more and more disturbing information. Can he keep a devastating secret from being exposed, and if he does, will it mean the wrong man gets elected to the nation's highest office? THE CANDIDATE. Nothing stays buried. Not even the dead. "An addictive page-turner. This one is a winner." -- Craig Hickman, international bestselling author of THE INSIDERS
When two brothers, Steve and Paul found some strange rocks on their property they consulted a geology professor who, while doing some tests, almost killed himself. An Alien, called Xander, appeared out of nowhere and warned them the rocks were very dangerous and could destroy the world.
The Alien ship recovered in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, was filled with Alien gadgetry. The gadgetry or spawn, as some of the covert operators called the Alien things, infested the crashed flying saucer. The Alien spawn had magical and bizarre qualities with eVietnamesel tendencies. The gadgets served as tools and medical instruments and seemingly possessed personalities of their own. In their attempts to better understand the extraterrestrial menace Vietnamesesiting Earth, the covert committee performed extensive experiments on humans using the Alien gadgets.
No mystery is too great for super-sleuth Cam Jansen and her amazing photographic memory! Mysteries follow super-sleuth Cam Jansen everywhere she goes...even to a park with U.F.O.s in sight! Cam and Eric see flashing lights in the sky, and everyone thinks aliens have landed. But Cam knows there's more to it than meets the eye. Can she solve this unearthly mystery? The Cam Jansen books are perfect for young readers who are making the transition to chapter books, and Cam is a spunky young heroine whom readers have loved for over two decades.
The Book of Revelation tells of angels who fall from their heavenly estates. The Mayan calendar foretells the fall to some two hundred thousand years ago. The discord that followed sent repercussions to earth, arriving about nine thousand years ago when the first generation of the human raceIsraelemerged. By 4500 BC, an Agenda of a Snake from the fallen angels began to breed the biblical lines of Cain and Seth. Soon, the third generation emerged, and the conditions man calls good and evil began proliferating on the earth. Mans spirit commenced through the spirit of the angel Michael, but today it remains trapped within the human mind. Six thousand years ago, the angels Michael, Ra, Viracocha, and Ra Agenda came to earth to free man's spirit by attempting to prevent the creation of the human race. Unsuccessful, they left earth, bequeathing the Mayan calendar, which contains information about the five Ages, to the Mayan people. The Ra Agenda reemerged by 1948 as the mysterious UFO that defied the laws of reality. They have come to secretly assist mankind through the approaching shift in human consciousness scheduled to occur in the fifth Mayan Age of Aquarius in the year 2040.
Thirty-five-year-old Hank Foster, a former Special Forces soldier still reeling over the loss of his leg in combat, is recruited into a clandestine organization dedicated to attacking religious institutions. Impatient with the movement's slow progress, Hank subverts the powerful organization and uses their vast network to perpetrate a hoax he feels will rock the world and push the Iconoclast organization's agenda into the spotlight. The hoax succeeds beyond his wildest dreams and sets into motion a chain of events that bring a real extraterrestrial presence into the open. Earth is rocked by global catastrophe on a level never before imagined, and humanity is confronted by the prospect of alien invasion. Hank discovers a conspiracy as old as time itself. He learns he is responsible for the calamity facing humanity, and what's more, he learns he is the one man capable of exposing the truth that may lead to mankind's salvation. On its exterior, Paradigm Shift engages the reader with a visual, action-packed, Hollywood-styled blockbuster, but on a deeper, psychological level, the reader is taken along the hero's mythic journey to ultimately confront the true nature of humanity.
Rock 'n' roll, revolution, and romance are seductively woven together in this intense and moving novel from the author of Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth In her flat in north London, Iona Kirkpatrick sets to work on a new project translating a collection of letters and diaries by a Chinese musician. With each letter and journal entry, Iona becomes more and more intrigued with the unfolding story of two lovers: Jian, a punk rocker who believes there is no art without political commitment, and Mu, the young woman he loves as fiercely as his ideals. Iona cannot possibly know that Jian is mere miles away in Dover, awaiting the uncertain fate of a political exile. Mu is still in Beijing, writing letters to London and desperately trying to track Jian down. As Iona charts the course of their twenty-year relationship, from its early beginnings at Beijing University to Jian’s defiant march in the Jasmine Revolution, her own empty life takes on an urgent purpose: to bring Jian and Mu together again before it’s too late.
When Luke and Mandy start experiencing strange hallucinations and blackouts, they know something is seriously, out-of-this-world wrong Luke Ingram is on his way home one evening when the sky goes black and seems to swallow him whole—but four hours later he wakes up in his own room with no idea how he got there. And Luke isn’t the only one experiencing these strange occurrences. The last thing Mandy Durgin remembers before waking up on her front porch is falling asleep in her bed hours before. When their creepy classmate Quentin starts following them around and harassing them, Luke and Mandy realize Quentin may know more about their lost time than he’s letting on. They know something isn’t right, but what could possibly have caused them to black out at the same time? And why are they having the same terrifying hallucinations about cold operating tables and large, bug-like eyes? Mandy knows there has to be a rational explanation, but Luke isn’t so sure. Those faces in his visions were so . . . alien. Still, the thought of alien abductions is absurd. But when Luke and Mandy black out again the next night, Luke is ready to consider the possibility that their troubles might have an extraterrestrial cause.
A brand-new, fantastic, enormous collection of 5,000 jokes, gags and one-liners - indexed and categorised to help with finding the right joke for any occasion or audience, from Bar-Mitzvahs to bar-rooms. Two Nuns in a Bath is the consummate collection, with jokes on every subject under the sun, from lawyers to low-energy light bulbs. Two nuns are sitting in a bath. One says "Where's the soap?"" The other replies "It does rather doesn't it?" A guy asks a lawyer what his fee is. "I charge $50 for three questions," the lawyer says. "That's awfully steep, isn't it?" the guy asks. "Yes," the lawyer replies, "Now what's your final question?"
More than 350 articles, illustrated with 240 photographs, offer detailed analyses of UFO sightings, document government involvement, and examine prevalent UFO theories and speculations
It is the summer of 1967 and, with one more year of high school to go, Leo Suther still has a lot to learn. He's in love with Allie Donovan, the beautiful girl who has turned his head ever since she moved to his small Massachusetts town. And he feels a real draw to the blues his father has taught him. Leo soon finds himself in the middle of a consuming love affair - and an intense testing of his political values by Allie's father, who challenges him on the escalating Vietnam conflict and forces him to examine just where he stands in relation to the people in his life. Throughout his - and the nation's - unforgettable 'summer of love', Leo is learning the language of the blues, which seem to echo the mourning he feels for his dead mother, his occasionally distant father, and the youth that is fast giving way to manhood.

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