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"I'm not asking you to believe every conspiracy theory you'll find in this book. . . . I didn't write this book to give you all the answers. The Warren Commission did that, and the answers were all wrong. I wrote this book to inspire you to do what the powers that be wish you wouldn't: to question authority . . . and to keep an eye out for Elvis." --RICHARD BELZER In UFOs, JFK, and Elvis, the distinguished statesman of stand-up comedy tackles some of the biggest conspiracies and cover-ups this side of Roswell. Just what is it that they don't want you to know about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Area 51, and what the American astronauts really found on the moon? The unexplained crash at Roswell and the mysterious "face" on Mars? The link between the Nazis and the U.S. space program? Evidence of extraterrestrial experimentation? Finally, one lone "nut" exposes the conspiracy to keep conspiracies a dirty little secret, standing up to the shadowy forces that would have us believe that Oswald acted alone, those lights in the sky are weather balloons, and fluoridated water is good for you (yeah, right). "Some of the smartest people I know . . . find it easier--and certainly more comforting--to believe that America is the only country on earth with no conspiracies at all." Just remember: do not ask on whom The Belz has told--he's told on them.
This book offers step-by-step explanations of the scientific processes used to collect and examine evidence in the investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Students will be fascinated by how the tiniest bit of evidence can be used to solve the most puzzling mysteries. Includes sidebars containing first-person accounts of that fateful day in Dallas. A fact versus fiction section helps students focus on salient details.
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a horrific event that stunned the world and left Americans deeply shaken. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding this crime and its aftermath, but readers will discover the facts as they take a closer look at the shooting and the events that followed with the help of fact boxes, detailed sidebars, and primary source photographs. Essential historical information is presented in an engaging way, as common facts taught in history classes share space with gripping details of the investigation of one of the most infamous crimes of the 20th century.
After more than fifty years of new evidence and new theories, the Warren Commission's claim that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and without clear motive in assassinating John F. Kennedy, has become a wheezing jalopy running on missing and broken parts and fueled with lies. And yet the U.S. media continue to support its findings as the only "factual" explanation for the murder of JFK. Why does the media marginalize and even ridicule more plausible conspiracy theories when the majority of American people long ago wrote off the Warren Report as a cover-up? See No Evil analyzes the built-in biases of the U.S. corporate media, exposes its complicity in the whitewashing, and advocates for the broadest possible investigation into the key players who may have been responsible for the Crime of the Twentieth Century, including the CIA, Organized Crime, and Israel. This book is meant for readers who seek the truth no matter where it leads.
Examines celebrity mysteries including the deaths of Princess Di and Marilyn Monroe.
Explores unsolved political mysteries including the death of Malcolm X and a connection between Nixon and the JFK assassination.
We now know vastly more about the killing of John F. Kennedy than was known 20 or 30 years ago, and new evidence is accumulating almost every day. This new evidence is being uncovered by the bold application of scientific and technological expertise to the assassination records, including the film, photographic, and autopsy records. Murder in Dealey Plaza presents the latest and best of the new assassination research. As a result of these freshly uncovered findings, it is possible to say with moral certainty and considerable scientific authority that the murder of President Kennedy was committed by a meticulously executed conspiracy which was then observed by an extensive cover-up.

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