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Twenty tales of over-the-knee fun... Explore the sensual pleasures of spanking in tantalising detail in this brand new collection. Featuring a diverse range of cheek-warming, eye-watering, and always arousing, scenarios, disciplinarians and brats reveal the thrills of shame and retribution. Be it over the knee, the desk, the chair, or on the bare, the desire to punish and be punished doesn’t let up for a moment. The Spanking Man by Monica Belle When an older, balding squat bodied man threatens to spank Tamara Chertsey, not only is she outraged but she actually blames herself for not being bold enough to put him in his place the moment he suggests it. But as the night wears on, the images of a spanking become a fantasy, and the fantasy she is conjuring up becomes almost unbearable. As days go by her fantasies consume her to the point she must act upon them, but does she go too far? Perfect Bound by Shanna Germain An erotic bookstore with a typical looking librarian behind the counter? I think not. Read on and find out just exactly what she has to offer when she asks if there is something in particular this young man is searching for. Who is she really? Advantage Headmaster by Phillippa Johnson James Bendrick, Headmaster of a private girls’ boarding school knew what he wanted. The Top Prizes. Trophy cabinets full of results. But there were other prizes he desired. After eyeing a tennis match on his CCTV from the privacy of his own office he decided that Nina Birch was in need of a little more of his attention. Wearing a thong on the tennis court was not to be allowed and with that had to come some discipline, discipline that Nina had not yet been subjected to. Anatomy of a Brat by Poppy St Vincent Can one really want, no desire the brutality she seeks? Does she disobey on purpose; mark her beautiful white skin for attention? Does she want Dan to be part of this world she lives in, or does she really only want him as a friend. You be the judge of what her desires really are? Master and Commander by Sadie Wolf His favorite thing is oral sex and making women come first. Now isn’t that a man we’d all like to meet? When Jill sets Rebecca up with her brother Mark, she believes she might have finally met the right one, but has she? On their first meeting she begs him to forgive her, to punish her for what she’s done, but will he? Perversion Process by Rachel Kramar Bussel Did Oliver really turn Serena into a pervert or had she been one all along? She knew right from their very first date he was assertive, the sort of man that took what he wanted, how he wanted. Could she trust him, allow him to take over her body and do with what he pleased? Was she ready for the brutality she knew would be forthcoming? Would she use the safeword, and risk disappointing him if she could take no more? Bitch by Ashley Hind So boldly confident was I until I met her. One look from her and I was utterly under her spell. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would be so bold as to caress the bottom of the statue of Erato and then to tongue the cold marble in front of a perfect stranger just to get her attention, and yet I did. I beckoned her to follow, leaving my door ajar, knowing when I turned she would be there and she didn’t disappoint but when she slapped me, well, the battle for supremacy was on. Paying for It by Justine Elyot Professor Strict. She found him on a website. Did she dare, could she make an appointment to see him, to ask a complete stranger to spank her? She does and when she asks does he really only fuck the naughtiest and is this just a job to him, he accedes. But when he decides to leave this dream job is she ready for what comes next? It’s All Jenna Jameson’s Fault by Cyanne Being an exhibitionist made it easy for Lacey to become a lap dancer but when the club she was working in closed down she could only work as a topless dancer. She quickly became bored, desperate for her old life. When she received a copy of Jenna Jameson’s book, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, it gave her and idea of how to make her job more interesting. Called into the manager’s office to explain her antics she gets more than she bargained for. Spend or Save by Heidi Champa The shoe department was the one place she promised Jake she’d stay out of but try as she might she just couldn’t. She was addicted to not just shoes but accessories as well. So when Jake calls to say he’s working late she revels in the freedom of being able to bring out all her hidden treasures and is parading about in her new boots when he comes home early. Enraged he ties her to the bed and begins a spanking she will never forget but will she really remember her promises? Red by Charlotte Stein Someone has spanked Blake Cooper’s ass. The biggest, most arrogant of douchbags to walk the earth has been spanked but by who? Does he cry tears of shame in delicious agony Scarlet wonders? Unable to clear her mind of images she conjured up in her mind she becomes obsessed as to who it could have been to lay that red imprint on his ass. The Corporal’s Punishment by Robin Moreton Corporal Charley Compton was called into General Rufus K Slocum’s tent. He had defied a direct order, the action having saved his brother, Jimmy’s life. The General though demands obedience and when his orders are defied the culprit must be punished. But the Corporal has defied something else, something that none of the other soldiers could possibly know and now the General has found out. What punishment will this hold? The Happiest Days by Amelia Thornton Being a teacher isn’t easy as Miss Smithson well knows so when Fridays come she’s happy to leave her workplace to rush home and take her place at being a pupil again and in her mind the happiest days of her life. This Friday though she forgets the time and arrives late only to bear the wrath for her tardiness. Pat-a-Cake by Sandrine Lopez Not nipples, clit or a g-spot can hold a candle to fingers and palms for this young lady. Hands had always held a fascination for her so when young Scott ran his hot tongue up her palm and slid it between her fingers, sucking on them one by one, she almost passed out with ecstatic bliss. Then along came Dylan who introduced her into other ways to use her hands and his. Reading Between the Lines by Izzie French With the internet knocking her trade Sophia couldn’t wait to run upstairs to the room holding her late father’s collection of erotica. She loved nothing more than to masturbate with an open book, knowing she could be seen if so desired from at least one inhabitant from the university buildings. She sighed with pleasure remembering of days long ago only to become alerted to someone standing in the shadows. He has a business proposition for her but before that he proposes something else. Spanker’s Justice by Aishling Morgan Someone has left behind the evidence. An empty packet of condoms and “the Hatchet” as Commander Buchanan is called, is not pleased. What sort of punishment should Olivia Fielding, who incidentally is a lady in her own right, her father being and Earl and all, receive for such outrageous behavior. As she stands there blubbering, “the Hatchet” looks on in disgust while she contemplates her options, including shaving off her hair, but will she go that far, or will another punishment be more suitable? From Wanting to Wanton by Laurel Aspen Luke Forbes is researching material for a book and Rose Hill, the senior Librarian, is taken aback when she finds the subject matter is Erotic writing, written by and for women. Rose beings to delve into a few short stories and brings up some interesting questions. Luke, a man who knows what he wants, suggests she act upon them and the outcome is surprising causing her to question her own reckless emotions and reactions. But did Luke know all along what the outcome would be? Butt in a Sling by Landon Dixon Did sweet Imee, a twenty-year-old Filipina, know what she was doing? Warren Williams was a General who demanded proper attire. Imee, sweet and innocent knew exactly what she was doing and Warren knew exactly what he wanted. Spanked by My Own Step-Daughter by Teresa Joseph Rodger was forty seven and I was twenty two. Oh, I knew what everyone was thinking but I didn’t care. He wasn’t going through a midlife crisis and even his ex-wife could see how happy we were together, so when his daughter Stacey made it clear that she would not tolerate anything, and I must stress anything, that made her dad unhappy I thought she was just being over protective. When one day I innocently borrowed some money from Rodger’s wallet I soon came to realize that Stacey had much more on her mind than just her father’s wellbeing. Hot Enough for June by Philip Kemp June and Mark have only been living together for a few months so when she sneaks in late after a night out with the girls she sees a new side of Mark that she’s not sure she likes. After what could only be an interrogation she’s shock to see what he does next?
In the Nevada desert, the high-tech future of warfare is being conceived and constructed at a top-secret military facility called Dreamland Strike Zone. An Asian war that would have escalated into a nuclear nightmare has been halted, thanks to the raw courage, unparalleled skill, and total commitment of the Dreamland force. But an analysis of radar data has revealed the presence of an unknown super-weapon in the area: a robot warplane with terrifying capabilities, dubbed the "ghost clone." Though strikingly similar to Dreamland's own U/MF Flighthawk, no one knows where this fearsome instrument of destruction originated, but a rogue nation possessing a squadron of them could wreak unimaginable havoc on an unsuspecting free world. Now nothing less than a brazen, brilliantly conceived deception will lure the ghost clone out of hiding—and only a daring strike on enemy soil can avert a tomorrow too terrible to consider . . . if it isn't already too late.
Ian McEwan once said, 'When women stop reading, the novel will be dead.' This book explains how precious fiction is to contemporary women readers, and how they draw on it to tell the stories of their lives. Female readers are key to the future of fiction and--as parents, teachers, and librarians--the glue for a literate society. Women treasure the chance to read alone, but have also gregariously shared reading experiences and memories with mothers, daughters, grandchildren, and female friends. For so many, reading novels and short stories enables them to escape and to spread their wings intellectually and emotionally. This book, written by an experienced teacher, scholar of women's writing, and literature festival director, draws on over 500 interviews with and questionnaires from women readers and writers. It describes how, where, and when women read fiction, and examines why stories and writers influence the way female readers understand and shape their own life stories. Taylor explores why women are the main buyers and readers of fiction, members of book clubs, attendees at literary festivals, and organisers of days out to fictional sites and writers' homes. The book analyses the special appeal and changing readership of the genres of romance, erotica, and crime. It also illuminates the reasons for women's abiding love of two favourite novels, Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre. Taylor offers a cornucopia of witty and wise women's voices, of both readers themselves and also writers such as Hilary Mantel, Helen Dunmore, Katie Fforde, and Sarah Dunant. The book helps us understand why--in Jackie Kay's words--'our lives are mapped by books.'
Once again there's good news for those of us who rage at the evening news, shake our heads at Washington's business-as-usual, or watch as politicians carom helplessly between political crises and sex scandals: Dennis Miller is back with his third installment of hilarious observations, I Rant, Therefore I Am. Dennis Miller first gained national acclaim as the wise-guy anchor of "Weekend Update" on "Saturday Night Live." When HBO premiered his weekly talk show in April 1994, both critics and fans enthusiastically agreed: "Dennis Miller Live" was the most refreshing talk show on television. The accolades have continued to pour in. In September 1994, Dennis and his staff won an Emmy Award for writing and have been regularly nominated since. When he takes the stage, the audience demands, "The rants, the rants, the rants," and once again, Dennis Miller delivers the goods. Fans of his smart, quirky, irreverent style of humor are in for another treat-this set of rants is even funnier than the last two rounds. Dennis Miller keeps on ranting in I Rant, Therefore I Am, and speaks his mind on topics like: MODELS-"How ironic that the most exquisite-looking people in the world should end up choosing the profession that requires them to spend all day by the phone waiting for the most hideous people to call them." COLLEGE-"I don't think you should have to pay back college loans unless you get a job in your field. Put some pressure on the school. If I can't pay my bills, I'm not paying yours." CONSUMERS-"You know how to tell when you've got a shopping problem? When the lights in the department store momentarily dim after they slide your credit card through the thing." FAITH-"I envy people who can just let go and totally commit. I, on the other hand, can't even hear the title of the show 'Touched by an Angel' without thinking that a professional baseball player is being sued for sexual harassment." ASTRONAUTS-"Anybody who would strap themselves onto a giant deodorant spray can, set off a series of explosions under their ass until they've been blasted into the icy vacuum of deep space, and then step outside to take a walk must have more balls than a twenty-four-hour Tokyo driving range."
Naughty Wife Welcomes the Spanking Punishment She Deserves! James is shocked as he walks in on his faithful wife eagerly watching a video of her and ex-boyfriend. But it's not just any video… James watches the screen as Katie is stripped down to her saucy lingerie whilst being spanked relentlessly and begging for more. Stunned that his wife harbours a kinky side, he is suddenly fuelled with a desire to compete with his on screen rival. …….James decides that his wife deserves the ultimate lesson in domestic discipline. After grabbing a spatula from the kitchen, James gives Katie a spanking harder and harsher than that witnessed on the video. Her whimpers encourage her impassioned husband as she presents her bare bottom for his punishment! Advisory: This 4000 word short story contains adult situations including spanking, humiliation, domestic discipline and more. This book should be read by adults only.
I couldn't wait to tell my friend Julie all about the sexual spanking I'd been invited to witness. As I went into sordid detail about what I'd witnessed, I could see Julie was getting just as aroused as I was myself. Then she wondered out loud how I thought it might feel to get spanked for pleasure. I thought she'd never ask.

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