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This is a fresh look at essential Christian belief. It clears away obstacles to faith arising out of false assumptions, misconceptions of the Divine, outdated theology and inadequate views of Scripture and of morality. The basic image taken is that of Jes
Unbinding Christianity is a book that will be good news for some readers while stretching others in uncomfortable ways. It begins with the premise that traditional Christian teaching is focused on right beliefs while the life and teachings of Jesus was all about right living. The book represents a fresh voice for Christians who struggle to accept traditional beliefs by assuring them that Jesus himself said much more about right values than he did right beliefs. The goal of this book is to unbind Christianity from the wrappings of creeds, doctrines, dogma, and beliefs in order to make room for an understanding of what it means to be Christian defined by values that invites unity among Christians without the need for conformity of beliefs. One of the important by-products of a values-based Christianity is that it paves the way for Christians with different beliefs to find common ground with one another while also freeing them to build bridges of understanding with non-Christian. WORDS OF PRAISE If you have found it impossible to continue believing in some of the doctrines the church has taught to be essential and don't know if you can continue being a Christian, Jan Linn offers some much needed guidance. --Craig Watts Unbinding Christianity is a thought-provoking argument for expansion of Christianity's often employed litmus tests of inclusion and rejection. --Joshua Santana This book is a wake-up call to all of us who choose to follow Jesus, a challenge for us to rethink what it truly means to be Christian. --Heather Cargill
In one systematic volume, James Montgomery Boice provides a readable overview of Christian theology. With scholarly rigor and a pastor's heart, Boice carefully opens the topics of the nature of God, the person and work of Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit in justification and sanctification, and ecclesiology and eschatology. This updated edition includes a foreword by Philip Ryken and a section-by-section study guide.
Pastors are busy. This collection of fully integrated resources will help your church work and pray through the Unbinding the Gospel Series. Included are step-by-step planning tools as well as worship resources to allow you--the pastor--to spend time on prayer, teaching, and working directly with others in your church. The planning tools include calendars, checklists for church staff, weekly scripture tie-ins, sample church newsletter campaigns, diagrams, simple to elaborate E-vent planning suggestions, web site ideas, specific lesson plans, and much much more. Worship resources include sermons, prayers, and forms that have been placed on the Web for FREE with easy access and downloads. Change Habits, Not Just Minds. From the Unbinding the Gospel Series.
The primary purpose of Drawn to Freedom is not to understand the Heidelberg Catechism, Eberhard Busch explains, but rather through it to understand what it means for us to believe in the merciful and just triune God. This is our God today, who always was our God, and will be our God tomorrow. This book, then, is a carefully developed, wide-ranging exploration of what it means to be a Christian in today s world. God is so committed to freedom, writes Busch, that he wants to give humans their own freedom. To unfold what this proposition means for Christians, Busch reexamines the Heidelberg Catechism of 1563 from a modern perspective and uses its question-and-answer format to propose an understanding of God s ways that still holds true for the twenty-first century. Busch also invites into the conversation past and present theologians, philosophers, musicians, and scientists with significant questions, objections, and alternative views. He probes such issues as self-understanding, personal worth, sin and forgiveness, hope and despair, and faith and love all in relation to the freedom and deliverance that he believes God desires to afford us.
Unbinding Your Heart: 40 Days of Prayer & Faith Sharing is a brilliant book -- witty, engaging, and grounded in a four-year Lilly Endowment study. Unbinding Your Heart is a six-week individual and small-group study for your entire congregation. Part of the Unbinding the Gospel Series, by author, researcher, pastor and attorney Martha Grace Reese. Church leaders should first study Unbinding the Gospel (the church leaders' study) that was selected by The Christian Century as a featured Take and Read" book in its 2007 Book Issue. Then use Unbinding Your Heart as a study and devotional for the whole congregation. The third book in the series, Unbinding Your Church (the pastor's guide), will help you plan, teach, pray and organize your all-church study. The Unbinding Series has been enthusiastically endorsed by eight heads of denominations, Brian McLaren, George Hunter, Becky Garrison, Richard Peace, and countless pastors and church leaders. Important Note: Order a copy of Unbinding Your Heart for each person participating in the study. From the Unbinding the Gospel Series.
We are at our human best when we give and forgive.But we live in a world in which it makes little sense to do either one. In our increasingly graceless culture, where can we find the motivation to give? And how do we learn to forgive when forgiving seems counterintuitive or even futile? A deeply personal yet profoundly thoughtful book, Free of Charge explores these questions¬ – and the further questions to which they give rise – in light of God’s generosity and Christ’s sacrifice for us. Miroslav Volf draws from popular culture as well as from a wealth of literary and theological sources, weaving his rich reflections around the sturdy frame of Paul’s vision of God’s grace and Martin Luther’s interpretation of that vision. Blending the best of theology and spirituality, he encourages us to echo in our own lives God’s generous giving and forgiving. A fresh examination of two practices at the heart of the Christian faith¬ – giving and forgiving¬ – the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lenten study book for 2006 is at the same time an introduction to Christianity. Even more, it is a compelling invitation to Christian faith as a way of life.“Miroslav Volf, one of the most celebrated theologians of our day, offers us a unique interweaving of intense reflection, vivid and painfully personal stories and sheer celebration of the giving God ... I cannot remember having read a better account of what it means to say that Jesus suffered for us in our place.”– Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

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