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What does a horse think, what does it see, hear, smell and feel, and how do emotions affect the horse's existence? This book helps the reader take the first step on a journey of discovery. If we can understand the way horses see the world—in every sense of the word—we can unlock the key to their emotions and understand what prompts them to do certain things. By highlighting many characteristics of the horse that are often overlooked by owners and riders—for instance, that horses first see negativity using their left eye; or that they first smell objects using their right nostril—the book thus reveals many aspects of the horse that will be unknown to many and explains why and how this can help us with our training. It also explores how our own emotions and actions can affect the horse. The information is based on scientific research but presented in an easy-to-read format, and throughout the text there are practical tips for the rider and anecdotes of the author's experiences of working with both riders and horses.
Have you ever felt there was more to your horse than most people presume? If so, you were probably right. What we take for granted from our horses has long been dismissed as simple instinct, but horses have the capacity for complex emotions, intelligence, and a consciousness not commonly accepted as a trait of the animal kingdom. Horses have demonstrated human traits such as humor and compassion for as long as we have shared the earth, and it is up to us to figure out what we have in common to improve our communication skills with them. In I Am Equus, youll get to know horses that have demonstrated amazing trust, survived against all odds, formed lifelong friendships, made people laugh, and taught others inspirational life lessons. Some have even saved lives. At last, equus is presented in his true intellectual and emotional potential.
"An innovative approach to equine psychology and successful training"--Cover.
Equine behaviorist and all-around horse coach, Marlis Amato, uses the information she has gathered from nearly 20 years of studying her breeding herd of 35 Egyptian Arabians to show a way of working with the horse in which the human becomes the quiet leader of a team of two -- horse and handler. This book explains a way of training that engages the mind of the horse and makes him a willing partner, relaxed and enjoying his job. This is not a "how-to" book. It is a "why" book, describing how the horse thinks and feels, and how horse owners and trainers can use that knowledge to settle a horse down, get him into a frame of mind in which he can listen, think over what the handler is asking of him, and learn. This makes training easier for the horse and, definitely, safer for the human. The Team Concept is uniquely illustrated with beautiful full-color photographs and filled with new insights and information.
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Stimulating and practical, this book by the original horse whisperer can help anyone achieve real communication with their horse, improving their horsemanship by using the horse's natural instincts to do what the rider asks. Studies of both horse and rider inform this essential guide that shows how to best motivate a horse and offers a wealth of practical advice on training and overcoming common problems. It teaches how to understand a horse's physical and emotional needs to promote harmonious communication between rider and equine.
The internationally recognised equine expert and creator of the Tellington TTouch tells you how to analyze your horse's physical traits in order to understand and influence his personality.

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