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This updated classic leads the reader through the inductive Bible study process, showing practically how to study the Bible for one's self. With this tool, Christians can learn to relevantly apply God's Word to their lives as His Spirit leads them personally, rather than as some other leader might direct. Originally published in 1986, Finzel's style remains very accessible—providing practical examples that walk the reader through the steps of unpacking Scripture, using actual passages to practice. Free downloadable study guide and activities.
With page upon page of names like Melchizedek, Mephibosheth and Meshelemiah, hundreds of stories – some touching, others humourous and still others that are gruesome, sometimes-difficult-to-understand theology and strange visions, who wouldn't feel overwhelmed and confused about the Bible? How does it all fit together? But imagine that the Bible is a 1 000 piece puzzle. It's easier to figure out what you're putting together if you have the picture on the box to go by and the corners and straight edges as guides. The chapters in this book provide the puzzle's box cover, corners and straight-edged pieces, providing you with the key to unlock the secret of the Bible. Putting together the Puzzle of the Bible breaks up both the Old and New Testament in digestiblel chunks, or ‘eras’. When you read or study Bible passages, the knowledge of those eras will enable you to place the passage in its chronological context and easily understand how the puzzle fits together. Putting together the Puzzle of the Bible is ideal for those who have little or no familiarity with the Bible or for pastors and lay leaders to help teach a better understanding of the Word of God.
Women and the Bible in Early Modern England provides an account of the uniquely important role of the Bible in the development of female interpretative and literary agency, as well as in the expression of female subjectivity in early modern England. In the later sixteenth and throughout the seventeenth century women's religious writing diversified in genre and entered increasingly into a public literary sphere. Femke Molekamp shows that the Bible was at the heart of female reading culture, and that women can be seen to have participated in multiple modes of reading it, which, in turn, fostered various kinds of literary writing. The sources used in this book to reconstruct reading practices, and trace their connection to religious writing, are drawn from diverse archives, to include the annotations, biographical writing, commonplace books, letters, treatises, and other literary writings in print and manuscript of both prominent early modern women well known to us, and women who have so far remained obscure. The book argues that the increased circulation of the Bible in English fostered reading practices that enabled a growth in female interpretative and literary agency.
Classic Reference Bible filled with the features that promote understanding with every use. - The complete text of the New International Version, the translation acclaimed for its accuracy, clarity, and readability. - More than 53,000 center-column references that unlock the depths of the Scripture. - Maps and in-text charts for added insight while you read. - Introductions and outlines for every book of the Bible. - Exclusive 13,000-entry NIV Concordance for locating passages easily. - New easy-to-read Pacella Book typeface with bold verse numbers for easy reference. - Presentation and Family Record pages provide a lasting remembrance of significant personal events. Eight-page, full-color map section accurately locates hundreds of important Bible places.
Filled with the features that help you locate passages quickly, provide context and background for the stories in the Bible, and help you apply the message of God's Word to your life, this chocolate-and-berry crème colored Italian Duo-Tone™ NASB Classic Reference Bible expands your Biblical understanding with every use.
A bi-weekly journal of Christian opinion.
The astonishing evidence that the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories are built upon a common system of celestial metaphor, a system which points to the existence of a forgotten ancient civilization of incredible spiritual sophistication -- and how to interpret their ancient wisdom for our practical benefit in this incarnate life.
Enhanced and revised edition of the bestseller! 100% of what you need to know to learn and master the latest version of Macromedia Flash. Includes a CD-ROM packed with files from the book and valuable tryouts.
The follow-up to the first Guitar Chord Bible (2006)
Stoeger's 400-page Bassing Bible is the most complete product and information guide to black bass fishing available on the market today. Readers will find complete specifications and up-to-date retail prices for boats, motors, electronics, rods, reels, lures and much more! Whether you're in the market for a new, fully outfitted bass boat or just want to know the sizes and colors available for a specific lure, you'll find it here, in an easy-to-navigate guide made specifically with the bass angler in mind. Bassing Bible also contains crisp, informative articles submitted by some of the country's top angler-writers; which provide a wealth of information ranging from new tactical tips and trip destinations to how to analyze your bassing hole and select the right crankbait or spinnerbait to target trophy fish. A manufacturer's directory is included, with mailing addresses, phone numbers, and website addresses. A detailed index makes the Bassing Bible an invaluable resource and authoritative guide for anglers dedicated to the pursuit of America's favorite game fish.

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