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Marrakech is Southern California's newest premier country club and promises a lifetime of privileged membership for those who have reached the pinnacle of financial and social acceptance. Four golfing friends-Wolfgang Martini, Donald Diedrich, Mark Huntington, and Richard Nelson-decide to join. But they soon discover that the membership also includes con men, lechers, Mafiosi, and at least one murderer. After they become members, all four men suddenly take on roles that threaten their friendship. Martini becomes the leader of the Founding Members who are embroiled in a divisive feud with the Regular members. Nelson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who sarcastically documents Marrakech's hedonism. Diedrich takes on the dual role as the club's Don Juan and proponent for the Juanenos Indian tribe, who claim the club has usurped their land, which they need for casino development. But it's mysterious Mark Huntington who raises suspicions-he's either a government agent or a hit man. When the bodies of members start to pile up, it's anybody's guess who is responsible. Is it a member of the Mafia, someone from the Indian tribe, or one of the friends themselves?
In Unplayable Lies, Dan Jenkins takes us on a tour of the links as only he can do it. Here, Dan delves into the greatest rounds of golf he's ever seen, the funniest things said on a golf course, the rivalries on tour and in the press box, the game's most magical moments--and its most absurd. Filled with well-known characters like Tiger Woods, to others like Titanic Thompson--gambler, golf hustler, accused murderer, legendary storyteller--Unplayable Lies is an ode to the game of golf and the people who play it. But it is Dan Jenkins, so nothing--even the game itself--can escape his wrath, his critical eye, or his acerbic pen. This is Dan Jenkins at his best, writing about the sport he loves the most.
Unplayable Lie tells the story of a disgruntled mobster who was just released after spending five years in jail. He decides to put a "hit" on Chris LaGrange, the person who reneged on his cocaine debt. Unfortunately the wrong person is sent the intimidating message. The "moneyed comfort" of the High Ridge Country Club is disrupted when the "hit" takes place there. Don Vito, head of the mob in northeastern New York, sends his righthand man, Angelo DeAngelo, to straighten out the botched job. Oblivious to mob infiltration, country club life goes on. The female champion golfer, a cardiologist, is trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant. Her friend, Babs Nelson, has just opened an Italian restaurant. Babs hires the country club president's son, Chad Hawthorne, to be her maitre d. Unfortunately Chad is might be forced to compromise the restaurant as he squealed on a drug dealing mobster. Chad's mother, Amy Sue, seeks pleasure and financial advancement from country club members. Amy Sue becomes a partner with Babs in a bed and breakfast hotel and spa. She becomes engaged to her lawyer, a much older man. His sons want to stop the marriage. Amy Sue's ex-husband and club president, Hank Hawthorne, continues his womanizing. His aclaimed artist wife, Sarah, tires of his behavior, and while on assignment in Paris, falls in love. Meanwhile, Angelo DeAngelo joins the country club to please his wife. As an importer of fine Italian leather he is accepted as an upstanding member. His "other life" is the successor to the Don. The novel examines the role of various types of families while unraveling a web of lies as the sophisticated, the seductive and the sinister live their lives.
Texas journalist Josh Griffin lives for scoops, but he's never faced real danger to get one. Nor has he ever been emotionally drawn into his stories. Then he gets an anonymous tip that teenaged golf superstar Lexi Carlisle has been kidnapped, and Josh embarks on an investigation destined to change his life forever. Lexi Carlisle is the daughter of Josh's college sweetheart; watching Amanda agonize over her missing daughter while refuting police insinuations that she had something to do with the crime is more than Josh can handle. And when he unravels the web of lies spun by Lexi's crazed kidnapper -- who has killed once and isn't afraid to do so again -- Josh realizes the story takes second place to the girl's rescue.
This is a golf instructional manual for players of all skill levels. It is written in easy to follow instruction with over 250 photographs. Whether you are new to golf or expert level, this book contains original and revolutionary ideas that could forever change your golf game. Book Review 1: "Sean has gone above and beyond to ensure that players of all abilities can grasp his concepts and fundamentals. The examples, explanations, and endless photography are unlike any other book I've read, making it ideal for visual learners." -- Dylan Thew, Class A PGA Professional; Director of Golf Kiawah Island Golf Club; 2018 HHIPGA Professional of the Year Book Review 2: “Golf is a passion for Sean, and he has pursued that passion to become a quintessential expert on all aspects of the game... His instructional book on golf is practical and easy to understand with its many pictorial presentations... I have benefited greatly from his advice and coaching.” -- —Michael D. Connelly, MA, JD, LFACHE
Reveals the male-dominated policies of many American golf country clubs, describing how they restrict female membership, limit playing times, and otherwise discriminate against women

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