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Provides information on building Web applications using Google App Engine.
Developing with Google App Engine introduces development with Google App Engine, a platform that provides developers and users with infrastructure Google itself uses to develop and deploy massively scalable applications. Introduction to concepts Development with App Engine Deployment into App Engine What you’ll learn Create processes that are ideal for cloud platforms. Design data for the cloud. Learn what types of applications are ideal for the cloud. Deploy web applications into the cloud. Measure the success and health of the cloud. Who this book is for Python developers, developers interested in massive scaling, and developers interested in Google or cloud computing.
As one of today's cloud computing services, Google App Engine does more than provide access to a large system of servers. It also offers you a simple model for building applications that scale automatically to accommodate millions of users. With Programming Google App Engine, you'll get expert practical guidance that will help you make the best use of this powerful platform. Google engineer Dan Sanderson shows you how to design your applications for scalability, including ways to perform common development tasks using App Engine's APIs and scalable services. You'll learn about App Engine's application server architecture, runtime environments, and scalable datastore for distributing data, as well as techniques for optimizing your application. App Engine offers nearly unlimited computing power, and this book provides clear and concise instructions for getting the most from it right from the source. Discover the differences between traditional web development and development with App Engine Learn the details of App Engine's Python and Java runtime environments Understand how App Engine handles web requests and executes application code Learn how to use App Engine's scalable datastore, including queries and indexes, transactions, and data modeling Use task queues to parallelize and distribute work across the infrastructure Deploy and manage applications with ease
The complete guide to developing and deploying fast Google App Engine cloud systems: performance-driven techniques for every Java developer * *Teaches everything Java programmers need to know to build complex, production quality applications, via a single book-length case study. *Introduces a performance-driven approach that also ensures maintability, and presents practices and principles for improving performance even more *For every Java programmer seeking a seamless path to highly-scalable cloud application development. Cloud computing fundamentally changes the way applications are created and managed. When done right, system administration becomes trivial, and concerns about adequate hardware, capacity planning, or scalability are virtually eliminated. With Google's App Engine, millions of Java developers can quickly begin to develop cost-effective systems to operate in the cloud. However, when Java developers use familiar frameworks and techniques to build these systems, they often encounter surprising, unexpected performance problems. Essential App Engine teaches a start-to-finish approach to performance-driven App Engine development with Java. Through a complete, book-length case study, Java developers master all the concepts and techniques they need, from application design through data storage, task scheduling through security. Coverage includes: * *Systematically maximizing performance without compromising maintainability -- creating applications that are 10x+ faster on cold startup, and offer quick server response throughout their sessions. *Avoiding or minimizing the use of frameworks and libraries that cause performance problems. *Improving browser performance through the proper use of HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and profiling. *Modeling data for App Engine's non-SQL data storage. *Ensuring app quality and managing development efficiently, through deployment and beyond.
This practical guide shows intermediate and advanced web and mobile app developers how to build highly scalable Java applications in the cloud with Google App Engine. The flagship of Google's Cloud Platform, App Engine hosts your app on infrastructure that grows automatically with your traffic, minimizing up-front costs and accommodating unexpected visitors. You’ll learn hands-on how to perform common development tasks with App Engine services and development tools, including deployment and maintenance. For Java applications, App Engine provides a J2EE standard servlet container with a complete Java 7 JVM and standard library. Because App Engine supports common Java API standards, your code stays clean and portable. Get a hands-on introduction to App Engine's tools and features, using an example application Simulate App Engine on your development machine directly from Eclipse Structure your app into individually addressable modules, each with its own scaling configuration Exploit the power of the scalable Cloud Datastore, using queries, transactions, and data modeling with JPA Use Cloud SQL for standard relational databases with App Engine applications Learn how to deploy, manage, and inspect your application on Google infrastructure
Google App Engine is one of the key technologies to emerge in recent years to help you build scalable web applications even if you have limited previous experience. If you are a Java programmer, this book offers you a Java approach to beginning Google App Engine. You will explore the runtime environment, front-end technologies like Google Web Toolkit, Adobe Flex, and the datastore behind App Engine. You'll also explore Java support on App Engine from end to end. The journey begins with a look at the Google Plugin for Eclipse and finishes with a working web application that uses Google Web Toolkit, Google Accounts, and Bigtable. Along the way, you'll dig deeply into the services that are available to access the datastore with a focus on Java Data Objects (JDO), JDOQL, and other aspects of Bigtable. With this solid foundation in place, you'll then be ready to tackle some of the more advanced topics like integration with other cloud platforms such as and Google Wave. NOTE: The source code files which accompanied this title are no longer available. Neither Apress nor the author is able to supply these files.
Build robust and highly scalable web applications with Google App Engine About This Book Get an in-depth look at how Google App Engine works under the hood Design and model your application around Google's highly scalable distributed NoSQL datastore to unlock its full potential A comprehensive guide to ensure your mastery of Google App Engine Who This Book Is For If you have been developing web applications in Python or any other dynamic language but have always wondered how to write highly scalable web applications without getting into system administration and other plumbing, then this is the book for you. No experience in writing scalable applications is required. What You Will Learn Scale and develop your applications with Google App Engine's runtime environment Get to grips with request handling mechanism and write request handlers Deep dive into Google's distributed NoSQL and highly scalable datastore and design your application around it Implement powerful search with scalable datastore Perform long-running tasks in the background using task queues Write compartmentalized apps using multi tenancy, memcache, and other Google App Engine runtime services Handle web requests using the CGI, WSGI, and multi-threaded configurations Deploy, tweak, and manage apps in production on Google App Engine In Detail Developing web applications that serve millions of users is no easy task, as it involves a number of configurations and administrative tasks for the underlying software and hardware stack. This whole configuration requires not only expertise, but also a fair amount of time as well. Time that could have been spent on actual application functionality. Google App Engine allows you develop highly scalable web applications or backends for mobile applications without worrying about the system administration plumbing or hardware provisioning issues. Just focus writing on your business logic, the meat of the application, and let Google's powerful infrastructure scale it to thousands of requests per second and millions of users without any effort on your part. This book takes you from explaining how scalable applications work to designing and developing robust scalable web applications of your own, utilizing services available on Google App Engine. Starting with a walkthrough of scalability is and how scalable web applications work, this book introduces you to the environment under which your applications exist on Google App Engine. Next, you will learn about Google's datastore, which is a massively scalable distributed NoSQL solution built on top of BigTable. You will examine the BigTable concepts and operations in detail and reveal how it is used to build Google datastore. Armed with this knowledge, you will then advance towards how to best model your data and query that along with transactions. To augment the powerful distributed dataset, you will deep dive into search functionality offered on Google App Engine. With the search and storage sorted out, you will get a look into performing long running tasks in the background using Google App Engine task queues along with sending and receiving emails. You will also examine the memcache to boost web application performance, image processing for common image manipulation tasks. You will then explore uploading, storing, and serving large files using Blobstore and Cloud storage. Finally, you will be presented with the deployment and monitoring of your applications in production along with a detailed look at dividing applications into different working modules. Style and approach This book is an in-depth guide where you will examine the problems in the context of highly scalable web applications. This book will take you through the libraries, services, and required configuration and finally puts everything together into a small web application that showcases all the capabilities of Google App Engine.

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