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Join the very hungry caterpillar as he counts his way through this Christmas themed board book.
Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, k, p, e, i, t.
Story time at the public library is the first exposure to books outside the home for many preschool children. For the librarian, it is an exciting opportunity to instill in youngsters a love of reading and books. But coming up with new ideas that hold the children’s attention can be trying. Until now. Here are 55 tried-and-true story hour programs with a thematic approach. All are highly flexible and adaptable across the full preschool age range. Most of the ideas are arranged under one of eight specific themes that include four to eight one-hour programs: barnyard animals, the Caldecott Medal, colors, families, a storytelling feast, the five senses, reptiles and amphibians, and around the world. There are also 18 individual holiday and seasonal programs. All story hours provide ideas for name tags, suggested audiovisual materials, recommended story, poetry and song selections, additional titles and a full description of the activity.
Suggests books, nursery rhymes, songs, games, crafts, foods, and activiites to share with a young child
This wonderful resource from two authors with an infectious enthusiasm for children's literature will help readers select and share quality books for and with young children. Specifically focused on infants through the third grade, Sharing the Journey contains descriptive book annotations, instructive commentary, and creative teaching activities tailored for those important years. Extensive book lists throughout will help readers build a library of quality children's literature. Books representing other cultures are included to help celebrate diversity as well as cultural connection. Genre chapters include poetry, fantasy, and realistic and historical fiction. A chapter on informational books demonstrates how young children can be introduced to, and learn to enjoy, nonfiction.
Three-year-old Lindsey approached her mother wearing a stocking as a cap, its long leg dangling over her shoulder. "I'm Rapunzel", she announced, "and this is my braid". As parent, reading partner, and social science observer, Shelby Wolf documented countless moments like this one during the preschool and early grade-school years of her daughters, Lindsey and Ashley. Over nine years, she taped their book-reading times together and kept detailed field notes, collected the girls' drawings and similar artifacts, and transcribed spontaneous incidents of talk and dramatic play. In The Braid of Literature, her careful observations and analysis interweave with Shirley Brice Heath's insightful commentary to present these materials within the context of current research in anthropology, linguistics, and cognitive psychology. Together, they have produced an unusual study of two young children who are learning to negotiate between the multiple texts of their everyday lives and their make-believe story worlds. This record of the literary experiences and responses of Lindsey and her sister is in itself a fascinating case study of one family. Growing up in an environment with parents who value books and reading, the girls absorb and recycle stories, play acting their plots and speaking the language of their characters. In the events around them they begin to recognize the rules that govern the story world and to puzzle out how these rules work in life and literature. For researchers, this book will serve as a rich resource on a range of interdisciplinary topics - inner speech, transferred learning, oral and written language acquisition, children's facility with figurative language, and aesthetic andimaginative development. For parents and teachers, it is a dramatic confirmation of the important role that literary language can play in children's literacy and socialization. By choosing to spend time with children and finding ways to talk about books - or television or videos - adults confirm the importance of stories and of what they teach us about enduring human values.

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