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The Only Book On The Tarot You Will Ever Need Have you always been interested in Tarot, but you didn’t know where to start? Have you ever wanted a Tarot reading, or wondered what it takes to become a Tarot reader? Begin Your Exploration & Find The Answers Your Searching For…. Many people use tarot cards to make important decisions about their careers, health, investments, and love life. Tarot cards can reveal opportunities and blockages that are happening now, in the past, and in the future. Tarot is a time-honoured means of developing our intuition. Many of our greatest visionaries, including Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Karl Lagerfeld and Oprah Winfrey credit their intuitive knowing for their success. Intuitive development is essential to honouring the call of our unique life purpose, connecting empathically with others and manifesting our fullest lives. Of course, like anything in the Occult realm, the Tarot is surrounded by myths and misconceptions. Too many "learn the tarot books" give you only a handful of spreads to memorize - or endless paragraphs you have to try to remember every time you stare at your cards. In this book you will learn what your cards mean, how to cast spreads easily and get the answers you need. Ever wished you could have instant access to all the Tarot card meanings for nearly every type of reading . . . Love, career, spirituality and much, much more? Knowing how to read tarot cards can be a skill that is used in many areas of your life. Through the course of the centuries, Tarot gained a lot of rules and complications, however, it is much easier than it appears to be. Start reading the Tarot immediately with this quick and easy method. In This Book You Will Discover: Introduction and History of Tarot How to use Tarot as a powerful Spiritual Development and Business Tool Tarot Symbols Decoded: Discover what each Tarot card means How Ignite Your Intuition and Awaken With Tarot Use the Tarot deck to Gain valuable insight in different situations. Master your Psychic Ability and Give Accurate Professional Level Readings Use the tarot to rapidly improve your, love life, business, career and finances Identify what spiritual lessons you need to master Inspiring quotes to increase your understanding of each card. And Much, Much, More…. So if your looking to improve your life or help others then this is the perfect book to begin or continue your exploration into Tarot.
For nonexperts who want simple answers to their pressing questions on life, love, work, and the future, this unique approach to Tarot is the most accessible introduction ever. Author John Mangiapane discovered his special method of reading the cards after years of teaching experience, and it’s both practical and appealing. Begin by meditating on the cards and recording what they say to you. Then, determine the benefits of using various types of spreads; you’ll even learn how to come up with your own designs. Go card-by-card through the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and Court Cards to see what insights each offers.
Covering everything from cryptozoology and the Yeti to witchcraft, earth mysteries, folklore, ghosts, human oddities, the occult, parapsychology, spiritualism, and UFOs, a comprehensive resource looks a wide range of unexplained phenomena in a volume containing more than 1,300 objective, informative, and up-to-date entries.
Eucharist (Delivered directly from the altar of Christ)
What if I told you that you could read your crush's mind? What if I told you that you could figure out what your exes thinking without even asking them? It's all very possible! You can finally figure out your love interests' truest feelings for you! In simply using a tarot deck, and using "Tarot Cards as Feelings in Love Readings" as your guidebook for your tarot-reading sessions, you'll have all the juicy answers you've been wanting to know right at your finger tips! This book includes: - Easy-to-understand descriptions of what ALL 78 cards of a tarot deck mean when they appear in your love readings - Features resonative and accurate interpretations from a tarot reading expert that you won't find anywhere else that will make you say, "Aha! Now I get it! I finally know how my love interest feels toward me!" - Positive and negative love interpretations for ALL 78 cards of a tarot deck so you can be guaranteed that you'll find a description that resonates the most with you. - Examples on how to read tarot cards for love questions like a TRUE professional
Provides information on every important theory and interpretation and every recognized deck, illustrating and commenting on the symbolism of the early Tarocchi decks and the major later decks.
For those of you who want to know more on how to connect with your spirit guides, this book will explain what they are and how to connect with them. This book provides a simple view with no airy fairy rubbish. Your "mates" also known as your spirit guides want to connect with you and help you in your path of life. If you wish to learn more about how they can help then you all you have to do is read this book. Simple as.
Shows a fifteenth-century Italian deck of tarot cards, and discusses the background of each card and its design
Once you open this very practical guide to Tarot, nothing will remain the same: it offers the power of divination, laid out especially for the beginner. A checklist shows how to prepare for the Tarot session, from setting up the surface to creating the piles of cards. Understand the meaning of the Major and Minor Arcanas; interpret spreads; and forecast events. Enhance Tarot's effects with meditation and visualization. Apply these insights to your own life...and to those you love.
Great Expectations Devotional
Tarot enthusiasts rejoice! Look for an array of news, advice, and in-depth discussions on everything tarot in this year''s edition of the "Tarot Reader." Renowned authors and tarot specialists deliver deck reviews and articles concerning card interpretation, spreads, magic, tarot history, and professional tarot reading. Each year''s almanac also features a calendar with pertinent astrological information, such as Moon signs and times. This year''s "Tarot Reader" includes articles by Elizabeth Barrette, Elizabeth Hazel, Corrine Kenner, Teresa Michelsen, James Ricklef, and Valerie Sim.
The founder of the influential Gnosis magazine collects essays by some of today's finest spiritual writers to explore the West's magical and esoteric traditions. Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, The Knights Templar . . . Even before the success of The Da Vinci Code, many readers knew of these and other aspects of Western esoterica. But few understand their true meaning. In The Inner West, more than twenty essays by seventeen leading authors shine a light on some of the most mysterious and closely held aspects of the Western tradition. Its authors bring to life the symbolist and occult philosophies that populate the history and beliefs of the Western way. These same philosophies-which include variants of Christian and Jewish mysticism, and the teachings of figures like Rudolf Steiner and G. I. Gurdjieff-can present a deep and different spiritual path for today's seekers. Spiritual seekers have often looked to the East for inspiration and guidance. Yet increasing numbers of people are discovering that many helpful wisdom traditions have existed right here in the West. With the Kabbalah and Tarot cards more popular than ever, and alternative spirituality from Wicca to Sufism gaining a new audience, The Inner West is a timely book for this expanding audience
An excellent introductory course that demystifies the ancient art of tarot reading. With equal appeal for both the beginner and the more experienced student, this complete guide gives you all the training you need to start accessing the ancient wisdom of the tarot. This comprehensive workbook guides you through a practical step-by-step course that is fun and simple to use. It gives all the advice you need to choose the right pack and learn the meanings of each card. Various spreads are described, along with tips to help you achieve accurate readings. Whether you feel that you have psychic qualites you'd like to develop, or have a more down-to-earth interest, this book contains all you need to start working with the tarot. If you have been studying the subject but do not feel confident enough to read for other people, this is the ideal book to help you develop your skills.
This edition features discussions on the Death card, Tarot and Kabbalah, and more! Also included are reviews of The Witches' Tarot, Mermaid's Tarot, 1001 Arabian Nights Tarot, and The Sacred Circle Tarot.
Explores the history of divination, the uses of tarot, its alchemical and planetary effects, and the opportunity for personal enrichment it provides

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