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No electricity, no gas, no flushing toilet, and no tractor! Could you survive a year on a Victorian farm? In this fascinating time-traveling experiment a team of historians spend a year recreating farm life in 1885. Accompanying the television series, this book follows the team as they try to run a farm using only materials and resources that would have been available to them in the Victorian era. This was a crucial period in the history of Britain--rapid industrialization had radically changed life in the cites but rural communities used a mixture of centuries-old and pioneering modern practices. Packed with informative text and photographs from the farm year, this book reveals exactly what the Victorians ate and wore and how they managed their animals, farmed the land, and organized their lives. Providing a real insight into life on a Victorian farm, this series is also a fascinating reminder of how history comes full circle. The organic diet of 1885, use of natural products for cleaning and healthcare, and interests in crafts and gardening are of increasing relevance today as we look for a more responsible way of living over 120 years later.
In recent years non-fiction history programmes have flourished on television. This interdisciplinary study of history programming identifies and examines different genres employed by producers and tracks their commissioning, production, marketing and distribution histories. With comparative references to other European nations and North America, the authors focus on British history programming over the last two decades and analyse the relationship between the academy and media professionals. They outline and discuss often-competing discourses about how to 'do' history and the underlying assumptions about who watches history programmes. History on Television considers recent changes in the media landscape, which have affected to a great degree how history in general, and whose history in particular, appears onscreen. Through a number of case studies, using material from interviews by the authors with academic and media professionals, the role of the 'professional' historian and that of media professionals – commissioning editors and producer/directors - as mediators of historical material and interpretations is analysed, and the ways in which the 'logics of television' shape historical output are outlined and discussed. Building on their analysis, Ann Gray and Erin Bell ask if history on television fulfils its potential to be a form of public history through offering, as it does, a range of interpretations of the past to and originating from or including those not based in the academy. Through consideration of the representation, or absence, of the diversity of British identity – gender, ethnicity and race, social status and regional identities – the authors substantially extend the scope of existing scholarship into history on television History on Television will be essential reading for all those interested in the complex processes involved in the representation of history on television.
Lists addresses, telephone numbers, and other data for bed and breakfasts in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands
Exploring Dallas with Children is a complete guide to the fascinating places and unique activities that make the Metroplex the perfect place for family fun. This book also includes rainy weather ideas, free activities for families, special events, up-to-date ticket/reservations hotlines, and lists of the top 20 places to visit in Dallas. Exploring Dallas with Children provides an excellent reference for use by area schools and scout groups.
For a short break or a month-long vacation, the 5th edition of this handy guide gives 10,000 ideas on what to do and where to eat and stay when visiting Britain. There is something here for everyone – countryside rambles and city tours, craft fairs and music festivals, boat rides and wildlife parks, castles and museums. Updated annually with current prices, opening times and telephone numbers, The Good Britain Guide 2001 is the only guide a traveller in England, Scotland and Wales will need.
The illustrated Slow Tech Manual will interest historians and re-enactors, parents managing their children's screen time, and young adults looking for mindful and practical escapes from the digital age Featuring topics such as building bread ovens, making clay pots in a bonfire, felling and processing trees, cooking on open fires, blacksmithing, beer making, wattle and daubing, this book is a combination of the dangerous book for boys and a practical manual of experimental archaeology and historical research. Highly readable and hugely practical, the book is either armchair reading or a valuable guide to getting your hands dirty and creating something useful as you discover the art of slow technology. Light a fire without matches and cook a meal on it. Weave a basket, build a bread oven in your back garden and brew your own beer. Go camping in the wild, build a shelter, catch fish without a rod, and teach your kids how to knap flint. Whether you decide to try to make your own forge in the garden, carve a wooden spoon, build a dry-stone wall, or process your own salt, you will be reconnecting with your own practical abilities and creative impulses.
More than 90 full-color photos portray the different cultures and local customs that capture the spirit of American inventiveness at Christmastime.
A Victorian Christmas Quilt will take you there ... to Christmas in England, where a spunky Texas gal faces an arranged marriage, with only her Lone Star quilt to remind her of her faraway home ... to the mountains of Colorado, where an heirloom Wedding Ring quilt paves the way for the mending of an old rift with a new love ... to a rustic cabin in Washington State, where a Log Cabin Patch quilt symbolizes the new hope awaiting a lonely young woman ... to snowy St. Paul, Minnesota, where a cherished Crosses and Losses quilt opens the door of healing and love for a grieving young couple.
Newly revised, Econoguide '97--Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Other Major Southern California Attractions provides coupons for Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott's Berry Farm, Sea World, and Six Flags Magic Mountain Theme Park. Includes 20 photos, 11 maps and 85 coupons.
Newly revised, this Econoguide provides coupons for Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott's Berry Farm, Sea World, and Six Flags Magic Mountain Theme Park. 20 photos, 11 maps and 40 coupons.
MR. PICKWICK'S CHRISTMAS is an account of the Pickwickians' Christmas at the manor farm in Dingley Dell near Rochester, Kent; and of the adventures they have there one Christmas. The first adventure is The Tale of the Goblin who stole a sexton; the second tells of The famous sports on ice, as written in the Pickwick Papers. a novel by Charles Dickens. This small volume has been illustrated in colour and Pen-and-ink by George Alfred Williams. This is a fun little Christmas book. Enjoyable to read out loud during the Christmas season and a welcome change to Dickens’ staple of modern Christmases worldwide - A Christmas Carol. ------------------------- KEYWORDS/TAGS: Mr Pickwick’s Christmas, Pickwickians, Tale, stole, steal, sports, on ice, Victorian, Christmas, Pickwick Papers, Charles Dickens, George Alfred, Williams, assemble, Furnival’s Inn, Pickwick Club, proofsheets, Posthumous, Papers, Pickwick Club, action, adventures, Allen, ancient, anxiety, Arabella, astonishment, barrels, behind, Bella, Ben, Benjamin, black, Bob, bottom, boy, brandy, breakfast, ceremony, chain, cheerful, children, Christmas, church-yard, coach, coachman, cod-fish, cold, countenance, couple, crowded, Emily, Emma, extraordinary, fire, Gabriel, gentlemen, gloves, goblin, grave, Grub, happy, hearts, hearty, honour, horses, ice, king, kissed, kitchen, lady, lantern, laughter, Manor house, mistletoe, Muggleton, number, pleasure, poor, pretty, proposed, Sam, Sawbones, Sawyer, season, servants, sexton, sexton, skaits, skates,smile, Snodgrass, snow, snow, spirits, tombstone, Trundle, Tupman, Wardle, watch, wedding, Weller, wicker, wine, Winkle, world, zeal, Queen, Samuel Pickwick,
If you've ever been stuck in a dull town, or just stuck in the house on a rainy day, "The Good Britain Guide" is what you need. County by county the guide lists the most interesting and entertaining places to visit, the most best-value hotels and B&Bs, the most enjoyable restaurants and cafes and the most beautiful locations. Essential for families, friends and adults on a break-away, it is a totally reliable travelling companion. You should never leave home without it.

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