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The French Vautour was designed to serve as an attack aircraft, bomber and nightfighter. Israel purchased all three versions and was the only nation to operate all three types. Sqdn.110 recon Vautours collected imagery crucial for IAF Operation Focus, the pre-emptive strike that opened the June 1967 Six Day War. It was during this war that Sqdn. 110 attack Vautours spearheaded the IAF air superiority offensive.
John T. Spivey breaks Revelation free from the confusing futurist interpretations and shows that St. John wrote to the Early Church to build its faith during persecution by the Roman Empire. He further shows that St. John predicted the fall of the Roman Empire. Mr. Spivey calls on many ancient historians and Early Church fathers to present their testimonies to show that Revelation’s predictions are subject to analysis and proof. He shows that St. John described the desolation of Judea and the deliverance of the Christian community from the destruction of Jerusalem in the Roman-Jewish War of AD 66-70 as completed events to build confidence in what would happen in the time of Roman persecution. Mr. Spivey also explains the millennium and the end of time in fresh, new ways that are scientifically sound and that affirm the Bible at every point.
The environmental history of Israel is as intriguing and complex as the nation itself. Situated on a mere 8,630 square miles, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf, varying from desert to forest, Israel's natural environment presents innumerable challenges to its growing population. The country's conflicted past and present, diverse religions, and multitude of cultural influences powerfully affect the way Israelis imagine, question, and shape their environment. Zionism, from the late nineteenth onward, has tempered nearly every aspect of human existence. Scarcities of usable land and water coupled with border conflicts and regional hostilities have steeled Israeli's survival instincts. As this volume demonstrates, these powerful dialectics continue to undergird environmental policy and practice in Israel today. Between Ruin and Restoration assembles leading experts in policy, history, and activism to address Israel's continuing environmental transformation from the biblical era to the present and beyond, with a particular focus on the past one hundred and fifty years. The chapters also reflect passionate public debates over meeting the needs of Israel's population and preserving its natural resources. The chapters detail the occupations of the Ottoman Empire and British colonialists in eighteenth and nineteenth century Palestine, as well as Fellaheen and pastoralist Bedouin tribes, and how they shaped much of the terrain that greeted early Zionist settlers. Following the rise of the Zionist movement, the rapid influx of immigrants and ensuing population growth put new demands on water supplies, pollution controls, sanitation, animal populations, rangelands and biodiversity, forestry, marine policy, and desertification. Additional chapters view environmental politics nationally and internationally, the environmental impact of Israel's military, and considerations for present and future sustainability.
RIMMER’S MOST CONTROVERSIAL BOOK YET! Luke was close to death. He had been beaten mercilessly and was unrecognisable. They wanted the names of his ANC accomplices. Matt and Luke are born on the same day, spending an idyllic childhood in the heart of the Transkei, blissfully unaware of the differences between them. When they are forced to leave their home, both young boys struggle to find their place in a society where racial segregation is part of everyday life. Slowly they begin to build their lives but everything changes when Luke is taken in the night from Matt’s flat to a place unknown and is brutally beaten for information. After spending time in a hospital, they sadly part with Luke embarking on the revolutionary fight for freedom and Matt building a business empire. It’s the 1960s, South Africa, and it would be another twenty-nine years before they would meet again. Can either of them find peace, or was their all-too-brief childhood their only comfort in a world driven by political and societal extremes? Told from a personal perspective, Peter Rimmer’s Vultures in the Wind will open your eyes to the fate of South Africa and of the machinations of the great powers of the East and West. This story isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a must-read. Get your copy today! Praise for Vultures in the Wind: A book worth reading! Deeply moving and entertaining read. Authentic and beautiful. Love, love, loved it.
This book reexamines current knowledge on the evolution, ecology, and conservation biology of both New World vultures (Cathartidae) and Old World vultures (Accipitridae) and seeks answers to past and present regional extinctions, colorizations, and conservation questions. Extinct species of both families are examined, as is the disputed evidence for familial similarities and differences currently under review by geneticists and ornithologists. Conservation questions concern the extent to which recent land cover change (deforestation, urbanization, and desertification), wildlife depletions, and pollution have affected scavenging vultures. Such changes are examined as both positive and negative for vultures—a growing body of literature hints at the positive impacts of urban waste, more open forests, forest fires, landscape cultivation, road kills, and shore development, especially with increased attention to bird adaptation and "new" theories of adaptive management in conservation. These are contrasted with the conservation of other raptors and scavengers. Within new trends in conservation, with emphases on animal/human shared co-evolution in intensely habituated spaces, vulture conservation requires important new perspectives that contrast with the needs of other species conservation.

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