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" Wallpaper* City Guides are a ruthlessly‐researched, design&hypen;conscious guide, for the discerning traveller who wants to come away with a true taste of the best a city has to offer. "
Wallpaper* City Guides not only suggest where to stay, what to eat, and what to drink, but what the tourist passionate about design might want to see, whether he or she has a week or just 24 hours in the city. Some of the highlights include up-and-coming neighborhoods, an `Architour? of landmark buildings, design centers, and the best shops to buy unique items. Wallpaper* City Guides present travelers with a fast-track ticket to the chosen location. The tightly-edited guides offer the best, most exciting, and the most beautiful of the featured city. The guides are expertly designed with function as a priority, and they have tabbed sections so that readers can find information easily. The guides include currency rate information, maps, and a color-coding system to help the reader navigate through different parts of the city. They are the ultimate combination of form and function. The guides are compiled by Wallpaper* magazine experts and their extraordinary network of international correspondents. The writers have put their heads together to come up with fascinating, efficient guides for the hip, urban traveler with his or her finger on the pulse. They are truly the insider?s guide to each featured city. The first Wallpaper* City Guides were published in Fall 2006 on the occasion of Wallpaper*?s first anniversary. For more than a decade, Wallpaper* has been the first to uncover and enticingly present the best urban travel spots from across the globe. The City Guides are the perfect way to present a decade of experience in one precisely edited guide. As of early 2010, there are 80 city guides available, with seven more on the way by the end of the year.
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