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It takes more than good intentions to make meaningful change The “spirit slashing” of injustice: that is how McDermott describes the psychic toll that marginalized students face every day. So how can you make a difference? McDermott gives you the tools to become a powerful ally, showing you how to: Better understand injustice so you can pierce the fog of privilege and embrace ally-hood Fill the gap between your desire to eliminate injustice and the attitudes and skills required to be effective Leverage your natural strengths, including your disposition, educational training, and professional position Challenge the structural barriers, practices, and beliefs that diminish opportunities for many students
Assessment, technology, and racial discrimination are three status quos that negatively impact the way educators teach and how students learn. The education system must change and courage is required to speak out against ideas and practices that do not work so we can improve learning for all students.
Defining quality is the surprisingly challenging task of this thought-provoking business fable. From Harleys to health care, On Track to Quality contains insight for people in all walks of life -- from doctors and educators to attorneys and motorcycle enthusiasts.
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