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Meeting first during an accidental shooting during a hunting party, lovely Julia Hepworth and her victim, Lord Heath Boscastle, are reunited years later when Heath, now a high-ranking intelligence officer, is assigned to protect Julia, now his commander's fiancée, a reunion that reignites their mutual attraction. Original.
This volume contains descriptions of 1,245 books in nine fiction genres, including author or editor's name, publication information, story type, major characters, setting, plot summary, and more.
This book is about my brother Kevin Courtney who died tragically aged 30 in 1998 during his time in Hong Kong. Kevin was a born traveller and upon his many travels he always kept a diary along with hundreds of photos and postcards sent home to his parents. Kevin, a huge risk taker and a go getter, always liked to travel to places off the beaten track and go explore places in which some people could only dream about. Were you a back packer in the nineties? Maybe you met him. This book includes his diaries of his first world trip from India to Asia, Australia (where he had a warrant out for his arrest and was also arrested on another matter), New Zealand and Northern America travelling for 450 days inclusive, his travels to Africa (which led to imprisonment/jailed). Central and Southern America and then the most dangerous of all, the trek through the Darien Gap Jungle. These diaries reflect his far from boring personality with his witty and very amusing tales. It shows his great sense for adventure, the risks he was willing to take, the dangerous gambles, the awkward situations he faced, he was just so fearless. This book will make you smile and shock you at the same time. This is his story of his travels in his own words.
When this piece was first published it was ushered into the World with the usual ceremony of a Preface, and that a large one, whereby the Authour intended and endeavoured to possess the Reader with a belief, that what was written was the Life of a Witty Extravagant, the Authours Friend and Acquaintance. This was the intent of the Writer, but the Readers could not be drawn to this belief, but in general concurred in this opinion, that it was the Life of the Authour, and notwithstanding all that hath been said to the contrary many still continue in this opinion. Indeed the whole story is so genuine and naturally described without any forcing or Romancing that all contained in it seems to be naturally true, and so i’le assure you it is, but not acted by any one single person, much less by the Authour, who is well known to be of an inclination much different from the foul debaucheries of the Relations, & if the Readers had read the Spanish Rogue, Gusman; the French Rogue, Francion; and several other by Forraign Wits, and have upon examination found that the Authors were persons of great eminency and honour, and that no part of their own writings were their own lives; they had happily changed their opinion of the Authour of this; but they holding this opinion caused him to desist from prosecuting his story in a Second Part, and he having laid down the Cudgels I took them up, and my design in so doing was out of three considerations, the first and chiefest was to gain ready money, the second I had an itch to gain some Reputation by being in Print, and thereby revenge my self on some who had abused me, and whose actions I recited, and the third was to advantage the Reader and make him a gainer by acquainting him with my experiences. This were the reasons for my engaging in the Second part, and the very same reason induced me to joyn with the Authour in composing and Writing a third and fourth Part, in which we have club’d so equally, and intermixt our stories so joyntly, that it is some difficulty for any at first sight to distinguish what we particularly Writ and now having concluded the Preface, which should never have been begun but that I had a blank page, and was unwilling to be so ill a husband for you, but that you should have all possible content for your money, and withal to tell you that I would not have you as yet to expect any more parts of the book, for although a fifth and last part is design’d, yet i’le assure you there is never a stitch amiss, nor one line Written of it, and if you desire that, you must give me encouragement by your speedy purchasing of what is already Written; and thereby you will ingage

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