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Eudora, a small town in the middle of wheat, oil, and cattle country, is on the verge of extinction. And Lottie Dougal, the local stationer with a healing touch, may be the only one who can bring the community back together–if she doesn’t destroy it first. In a town like Eudora, where everyone knows you from birth to death, it takes a brave woman to color her hair. Since returning to Eudora from a stint in the big city, Lottie Dougal has streaked hers until her aubu`rn curls glow as bright as the neon sign at Chuck’s Beer and Bowl. Clearly, the woman is one of life’s risk takers. So when the town’s new doctor (and the object of Lottie’s affections) fails to produce the anticipated ring at the Snow Ball, rumor has it that Lottie is consulting Herbal Cures and Curses . . . for a spell. But love potions, like good intentions, can backfire. Dr. Emery does indeed take a bride, but one who hails from a city far from Eudora’s main street. As if the arrival of this temptress and Lottie’s broken heart aren’t enough to keep Eudorans clucking and plotting, the town has its own share of growing pains. The quarry is in financial ruin and the mayoral election unearths long-buried racial friction. An unprecedented drama unfolds–which, naturally and often quite comically, reverberates through the lives of the residents trying to save their livelihoods and the future of the town. As for Lottie and the good doctor, well, Eudora has a plan of its own. . . .
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Eudora Welty's works are treasures of American literature. When her first short-story collection was published in 1941, it heralded the arrival of a genuinely original writer who over the decades wrote hugely popular novels, novellas, essays, and a memoir, One Writer's Beginnings, that became a national bestseller. By the end of her life, Welty (who died in 2001) had been given nearly every literary award there was and was all but shrouded in admiration. In this definitive and authoritative account, Suzanne Marrs restores Welty's story to human proportions, tracing Welty's life from her roots in Jackson, Mississippi, to her rise to international stature. Making generous use of Welty's correspondence-particularly with contemporaries and admirers, including Katherine Anne Porter, E. M. Forster, and Elizabeth Bowen-Marrs has provided a fitting and fascinating tribute to one of the finest writers of the twentieth century.
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