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We'll Meet Again illuminates music's central role in the design and reception of Stanley Kubrick's films. It brings together archival evidence and close analysis to trace the ways music serves as starting point and inspiration throughout Kubrick's working process.
Finding hope and strength when everything appears stacked against you can seem to be an impossible task. What do you do when adversity strikes? For author Darla Rosser, life had been difficult almost from the beginning. In We’ll Meet Again, she tells of her dysfunctional childhood, including a mother who took out her frustration on her children. As an adult, Rosser entered an unsuccessful marriage and was eventually faced with the trials of being a single parent. And when three of her five children were diagnosed with progressive disabilities that would take each of their lives, it was almost more than she could bear. Yet with God’s love and encouragement, her family’s love for each other, and a supportive new husband, Rosser and her family survived through these dramatic and tragic events. Life happens; tragedy happens. We’ll Meet Again shows what is important is one’s reactions to those events. Through God’s guidance, Rosser and her family came through these painful events. Their God-given strength can help you find inspiration and courage when tragedy befalls you.
Annie Cross has few pleasures in her tough life. On the bleak family farm on the Essex marshlands, she slaves all day for her cruel father. The one thing that keeps her going is her secret meetings with Tom Featherstone.
We do not die alone - that's the remarkable conclusion of We'll Meet Again, an extraordinary new book by Colm Keane examining deathbed visions. The book recounts how dead parents, children, brothers, sisters and close friends are among those who return to meet us as we die. Well-known religious figures appear less frequently, while beautiful landscapes are observed by those who are passing away. Featuring a riveting collection of 70 real-life stories from all corners of Ireland, north and south, We'll Meet Again also hears from those left behind who describe after death visitations and other strange occurrences. The latest scientific evidence is examined. We'll Meet Again, written by award-winning journalist Colm Keane, is the first Irish book on this intriguing phenomenon and one of the most challenging studies ever compiled on this fascinating theme.
1940. London is facing the full wrath of the blitz and amid the chaos Sheila Phipps is orphaned after a devastating air raid claims her family and her home. She is evacuated to Bletchley to live with her aunt Constance, where she forms an unlikely friendship with Prudence Le Strange, who is working in the code breaking unit at Bletchley. As their friendship grows stronger, the war subjects Sheila and Prue to fresh tragedies as, one by one, those they love are called away to distant battlefields, only to join the growing ranks of the missing, the captured and the dead. As the war escalates, the two friends find their lives increasingly complicated not only by the secrets of wartime but by those the conflict has dredged up from the past.
Devansh Barua, an ambitious architect meets a Swede Natajsha Kristian in Cairo who invites him to fall in love with him this time, in this life, recalling a previous existence. But Dev has his set of ambitions & is eyeing a great career ahead. His passion for work takes precedence over everything else. Where is the time to love? Few years later he certainly has it all, a beautiful wife, a fleet of luxury cars, a perfect body & more designer apparel than he could wear, sprawling farmhouses & mansions, the diamonds & watches, the awards & applause and suddenly he realizes that a part of him remains unfulfilled & he increasingly has this epiphany that he'll just make money and die one day without having really lived. Professional success after all, is not a sprint but an endurance race to be run, day in and day out. Was it serendipity, karma or fate that finally brought Dev to Stockholm shores decades later? Was it mere coincidence that he saw Natajsha at almost secluded beach in Sweden? Was there really some karmic contract with Natajsha and her urge to be able to help him that brought Dev to her? Did she know Devansh had come to her looking for answers to his personal mysteries and to set himself free from limiting feelings & thoughts? Co-incidences never happen. Nothing is ever accidental. There's only some purpose that is not yet understood. After you inhabit the perfect harmonious note, what music would you chase?

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