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THE EXISTENTIAL DREAD OF MAKING (OR NOT MAKING) ART TAKES CENTER STAGE IN THIS TRENCHANT SATIRE OF MFA CULTURE Wendy is an aspiring contemporary artist whose adventures have taken her to galleries, art openings, and parties in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Toronto. In Wendy, Master of Art, Walter Scott’s sly wit and social commentary zero in on MFA culture as our hero decides to hunker down and complete a master of fine arts at the University of Hell in small-town Ontario. Finally Wendy has space to refine her artistic practice, but in this calm, all of her unresolved insecurities and fears explode at full volume—usually while hungover. What is the post-Jungian object as symbol? Will she ever understand her course reading—or herself? What if she’s just not smart enough? As she develops as an artist and a person, Wendy also finds herself in a teaching position, mentoring a perpetually sobbing grade-grubbing undergrad. Scott’s incisively funny take on art school pretensions isn’t the only focus. Wendy, Master of Art explores the politics of open relationships and polyamoury, performative activism, the precarity of a life in the arts, as well as the complexities of gender identity, sex work, drug use, and more. At its heart, this is a book about the give and take of community - about someone learning how to navigate empathy and boundaries, and to respect herself. It is deeply funny and endlessly relatable as it shows Wendy growing up from Millennial art party girl to successful artist, friend, teacher—and Master of Art.
What makes comics from Hong Kong unique? The author draws on a wide variety of examples, from political and satirical cartoons to violent cartoons and children's comics with their Japanese and Disney influences. 1,000 illustrations.
A richly illustrated celebration of the the Arts and Crafts style celebrates the impact of the revolutionary movement on the architecture and home furnishings of the early twentieth century, capturing the simple elegance and craftsmanship of key examples of the style in both England and the United States in terms of furniture, architecture, textiles, ceramics, and other accessories for the home.
A catalog of the many of the more than 1,400 works from the private art collection of Emery Reves - including impressionist, post-impressionist, and modern paintings, sculptures, and works on paper, and decorative arts objects - donated by the Wendy & Emery Reves Foundation, Inc.
Sister Wendy discusses the religious and spiritual in art through an exploration of fourteen works by artists ranging from Paul Cezanne to El Greco.
Learn the ins and outs of sales techniques with this comprehensive and accessible guide that is the crash course in how to sell anything. Sometimes, it seems like learning a new skill is impossible. But whether you are interested in pursuing a full-times sales career, want to make extra money with sales as a side hustle, or are just looking to turn your hobby into a business, everyone can benefit from knowing how to sell. With Sales 101 you can start selling now. This clear and comprehensive guide is perfect for those who are just starting out in the sales field. Presented with a casual and an easy-to-understand tone, it gives you the information and training you need to get started. Sales 101 teaches the basic sales philosophies and tactics that have been successful for centuries, along with newer, more up-to-date information about using the internet and social media to find leads and increase your customer base. Whether you need guidance in making a presentation or closing a deal to handling rejection or managing your time, Sales 101 shares the best advice and solutions to prepare you for a career in the sales field.
Offering cultural, historical and literary readings of the responses to Italian Old Master art by early nineteenth-century writers, McCue illuminates the important role these artworks played in shaping the themes that are central to our understanding of Romanticism. She argues that they informed the writing of Romantic period authors, enabling them to forge often surprising connections between Italian art, the imagination and the period’s political, social and commercial realities.
Shuna, the elf chief's adopted human daughter, struggles to unite both races despite their troubled history, while Treestump pursues his own quest to solve the mystery of swordmaking.
Presents a pictorial history of Fort Monmouth, from its establishment in 1917 to the present day.
Wendy's Winter Walk takes children on a blustery walk through her neighborhood while providing chances to practice speech sounds for P, B, M, and W. This book also promotes early reading (phonological awareness) skills. Perfect for reading with children ages 12 months through 6 years.What great discoveries will Wendy and her Mom make as they walk, bundled up warm in their winter wear?Created by Cass Kim, an author with a decade of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist, this book also includes a helpful tips page in the back for parents that want to get the most out of reading time with their children. Also ideal for classroom reading and speech therapy, this book offers over 200 opportunities to show and practice the targeted sounds. Beautifully illustrated by Kawena VK, the artwork brings the story to life with attention grabbing details throughout the journey.
Includes information on artists, locations of museums and galleries which house their works, and an index of over 115,000 paintings
When implementation is an afterthought, tackled with a "quick and dirty" approach, things may get done, but they rarely produce results. What's the point of that? Learn to master the art and science of implementing change for results with this practical reference, designed for those new to implementation, as well as those looking for new approaches. The Implementer's Starter Kit introduces a simple framework that guides you through each stage of the implementation process, outlining not only what you need to do, but also why you need to do it. Drawing on research as well as 20 years of hands-on experience, Wendy Hirsch offers practical insights and actionable steps you can begin using immediately. Packed with case studies and sample tools, this book is a reference you will come back to again and again.

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