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Between July and October 1940, in what became known as the Battle of Britain, a nation held its breath while the pilots of the Royal Air Force battled Hitler's Luftwaffe in the skies above England. A huge number of airmen lost their lives in this hard-fought episode and in the four years of air campaigns that followed, and those who survived faced terrifying risks; as Prime Minister Winston Churchill put it, 'Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few'. In this beautifully illustrated tribute to 'The Few', Bill Howard catalogues the objects which were essential to every wartime pilot, from the superstitious good-luck charm to the parachute on which his life might have depended and a wealth of other poignant items relating to his day-to-day existence during the air war against the Nazis.
This title will provide an introduction to the extraordinary range of conditions and challenges experienced by British airmen during the Second World War. The airman of the Royal Air Force served in every corner of the globe during this conflict, operating over oceans and deserts, jungles and cities. Rather than take the usual route of defining operations and crews by the types of aircraft used, the author examines what it meant for the young men who had to fly those aircraft and undertake those operations, and what their lives were like on the ground. The knowledge needed and tasks performed by them differed immensely - even within the same aircraft, the skill-sets of each member of the crew could differ to the extent of incomprehensibility to the others. All were vital. Each airman had his own view of the war, both in the air and on the ground. Personal testimony will provide insight into the experiences of those who served.
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