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In ancient Greece, young Pythagoras discovers a special number pattern (the Pythagorean theorem) and uses it to solve problems involving right triangles.
An ancient Greek boy, Pythagoras, helps his cousins produce pleasant music when he adjusts the mathematical ratios between the part of their pipes and lyres, knowledge he would later use to become a famous philosopher.
If you could get a pet, what pet would you get? Would you get a rabbit or a mouse? Would you choose a goldfish or a turtle? How would you choose?
Rebecca and her cousin John have started snowboarding lesson, and already john is trying to give her advice. Rebecca wishes she was al good as john. But have asthma makes it hard to keep up. The novice competition is only a few days away a can Rebecca overcome her fears and rise to the challenge of the halfpipe?
Marbles is a game that has been played for hundreds of years. Children like to have their own collection of marbles. There are many different ways to play with them. Have you ever played with marbles? Reading Level 19/F&P Level L
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