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In the study of biblical stories, readers will find comfort in seeing how they, like those before them, can walk by faith and not by sight through the uncertainties of life.
nsightful study guide explores eleven challenges common to people in the Bible and to readers. Readers' faith will grow as they see how God's character and presence are sufficient to meet the needs of His children in spite of any difficulty they may face.
The great people highlighted in these studies can give us encouragement and hope for our lives today because we have the same resource they had-faith in a great God.
"My Personal Book Of YAHUWAH New Testament and Study Guides, are an in dept introduction to discovering the Creator’s Personal Name and His Son’s name with the continuing Study Guide Series. I spent the first forty years of my life in mainstream religion, asking questions, and never being able to receive straight answers to the inconsistencies I found in the Scriptures themselves. In the detailed study guide series, I explain the questions in detail, and the answers I have discovered with the help of a few ministries, and the references for these books. Along with the eight years I have spent working on these books, I expect these personal books of mine to make a lot of people upset with me. As a former Governor once said, “Were fisherman we know that only dead fish “go with the flow.”

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