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Tim Brannigan tells of his time as a republican prisoner and his attempts to find teh father who abandoned him.
Voices of Asian Americans in Higher Education: Unheard Voices is a unique and historical book. Asian Americans are often portrayed as “model minority”, yet their personal and educational experiences are often unheard. In this book, 10 Asian American educators and scholars present realistic pictures of America’s higher education using personal narratives. The contributors in this book come from different regions and teach in different colleges and universities; and coincidentally, they all endure the “outsider” category formerly as students and now as professors and leaders. This “outsider” status can be emotionally overwhelming and psychologically unnerving. This status hampers opportunities for Asian Americans to grow and maximize their fullest potential. Though they develop different strategies to address their “outsider” label, it does not make it comfortable. But, time and time again, they have proven that they can succeed! In this technological age, we must value unending truths as we educate ourselves and others. We hope that this book will be an educational and informational resource for students, administrators, and faculty in higher education and also educational policy makers and stakeholders.
This book endeavors to cultivate activism literacies in White teachers in order to disrupt the system of white supremacy and racial oppression in education. This book focuses primarily on White teachers’ responsibility in becoming advocates for, and accomplices to communities of color.
Abstract: The aim of this study was to gain a deep understanding of the intercultural adaptation process during a short-term study abroad in Recanati, Italy. Specifically, this study examined the influence of cultural knowledge and adaptation, the particularity of students' identity and background and everyday living, and the ways in which students' expectations and self-efficacy changed as a result of the study abroad experience. A grounded theory approach allowed the researcher to explain difficult situations and phenomena that occurred as a result of the study abroad through extensive interviews and observations. Nine themes emerged from the interviews. The emergent themes produced the alternative arc of cultural adaptation, which highlights cultural knowledge and cultural similarity as prominent factors. These factors create a "sojourner profile" when examining the sojourner's possibility for alternative and traditional experiences. This profile was indicative of the sojourner's expectations and self-efficacy upon return.
This book mixes contemporary and the historical worlds in a bold tale of clashing cultures. The love story between a Muslim and a Jew, documentary film director Aisha and historian Benjamin, is set in modern Spain against the vibrant and colorful background of a film festival, the location shoot of a Hollywood epic, the seductive intentions of a movie megastar, and the violent actions of terrorists who wish to reclaim that country for Islam. Telling its story in multiple voices, Red Star, Crescent Moon confronts major cultural and political dilemmas of our time, creating a world of characters caught in webs of historical misunderstandings which leads to violence. "For those of us who have followed Robert Rosenstone's writing career, Red Star, Crescent Moon hits a new peak: a novel with deep historical roots that is also filled with action, romance, and intricate plotting." -Louis Breger, author, Freud: Darkness in the Midst of Light "Red Star, Crescent Moon: is not just about the kaleidoscope of history and politics and pop culture: it's about what being human means in the face of terror." -Leslie Brody, author Red Star Sister "Like all great love stories, Red Star, Crescent Moon takes place at the dangerous intersection of passion and all that threatens to destroy it." -James Goodman, author Stories of Scottsboro
Information about many cultural groups in Canada with practical perspectives on subjects such as treating Muslim clients, the specific needs of Indo-Canadians, the role of traditional healing methods in Aboriginal cultures, and helping immigrant children cope with acculturation in the school system.

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