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Small children ask big questions. "Who Made Me?" is one of the most important. This book gives a comprehensive answer, providing the facts of life with frankness and humour, and puts them in the context of a loving relationship. This book is intended for parents and children to read together, to help talk about a potentially complicated (and possibly a little embarrassing!) subject. Teachers may also find this a useful resource.
Who Made Me Like This? sits the reader next to Godfrey “Huk” Bethea as he tells the story of his life, beginning with his childhood spent on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, where he found himself exposed to the full gamut of urban life. Then, in a change that permanently altered his life’s trajectory, his parents decided to move the whole family—including Huk and his eight siblings—from the urban and culturally varied borough of Brooklyn to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, known both for its location in rich farming country and as a hub of Pennsylvania German life. The imprint of Brooklyn life left its mark on Huk, who sought an opening to escape from his Lancaster exile. Immersed in the messages of the Bible, Huk found himself tugged into ministry as a pastor. He served as an assistant pastor in Philadelphia and then as the pastor of a church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the state’s capital. Then, ultimately and perhaps a bit ironically, he returned to Lancaster to serve for two decades as the pastor of King’s Temple. If you find yourself asking a question—“Who made me like this?”—the account that Godfrey “Huk” Bethea shares in Who Made Me Like This? may help you, by hearing his answer to the question, to come to some answers for yourself. This inspirational memoir is for everyone who desires to know how God works in our so human lives to guide and direct us to the ends He desires for us.
In this book I focus on body parts, the beauty of God, and his creation. I would like for you to know our Heavenly Father has all power, he is beautiful, and he made you in his image. Real beauty is found in your inward parts, kindness, forgiveness, patience, longsuffering, and love. To possess such powerful treasure is priceless
Does true love, love at first sight really exist, or just a figment of our imagination, a fairy tale? The Girl Who Made Me Sing, tells the story of a naive young man who had an obsession to find true love, as described in fairy tales and to be able to sing a song that uplifts those around him. He embarks on a spontaneous love affair that allows him to believe again and fulfill his long term obsession. Author AARIS' first take at writing takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride and highlights the missed chances we all had and possible regrets. It allows you to remember that special moment when you first found true love and the devastation of a heartbreak. But most importantly, gives you the Hollywood ending we all dream of.

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