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Born in Brooklyn, New York and experiencing street life real early in my childhood, like around five and six years of age. Life in the streets caused a great imprint in my mind and an awesome impact on my way of thinking. This tremendous awareness in my youth gave new meaning to the word imprint. A few years later, at the age of nine our family, comprised of nine childrens plus my mom and dad, moved to this country town in Pennsylvania, called Lancaster. My Godfather called it the hilly country. My family consisted of six boys and three girls and to us this was a tramatic, overwhelming, and completly over the edge culture shock. It was devastating to say the least. Bewildered, fustrated, and confused, the only thing that kept my sanity was knowing that I was going back to New York, as soon as I finished school. That was my motivation, and that desire to return to Brooklyn, New York was my hope for many days to come.
In this book I focus on body parts, the beauty of God, and his creation. I would like for you to know our Heavenly Father has all power, he is beautiful, and he made you in his image. Real beauty is found in your inward parts, kindness, forgiveness, patience, longsuffering, and love. To possess such powerful treasure is priceless
Does true love, love at first sight really exist, or just a figment of our imagination, a fairy tale? The Girl Who Made Me Sing, tells the story of a naive young man who had an obsession to find true love, as described in fairy tales and to be able to sing a song that uplifts those around him. He embarks on a spontaneous love affair that allows him to believe again and fulfill his long term obsession. Author AARIS' first take at writing takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride and highlights the missed chances we all had and possible regrets. It allows you to remember that special moment when you first found true love and the devastation of a heartbreak. But most importantly, gives you the Hollywood ending we all dream of.
Small children ask big questions. "Who Made Me?" is one of the most important. This book gives a comprehensive answer, providing the facts of life with frankness and humour, and puts them in the context of a loving relationship. This book is intended for parents and children to read together, to help talk about a potentially complicated (and possibly a little embarrassing!) subject. Teachers may also find this a useful resource.
When Hugo the hummingbird is unexpectedly startled by a pair of eyes, he searches for the animal who frightened him with only the creature's eyes to guide him, and must look at many jungle animals' eyes to find the answer.

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