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With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies is a story inspired by actual events about a group of women who form a friendship in junior high school, and follows them into adulthood. Life is heating up for Chloe, Sage, Emil, Talia, and Kennedee. Loyalty, character, and integrity will be tested as they deal with man issues, betrayal, and jealousy. But will the sisterhood be enough to maintain the friendship? Or will the wounds be too deep to mend?
DISABLED - BY DOCTORS!With Doctors like these, who needs Enemies?Volume II of VII volumes of his autobiographySuffragettes under the British National Health ServiceSimon Richard Lee's autobiography 1957-2018 with the overall title "with doctors like these, who needs enemies?" One person's life is laid bare for all in this box set of books that covers their life and sometimes tragic but often comedic episodes that have punctuated it since they made their first appearance in the world, in 1957.On-going experiences with doctors and the failing NHS, a love affair with the next-door neighbour and the consequences of the breakdown of that relationship are all examined with a dry wit and a willingness to share some of the most intimate moments.With Doctors Like These, Who Needs Enemies? is the sort of set of - seven - books that many of us will be able to relate to, but few would ever have the courage to write. It is inspired by the heroes in everyday life featured by the Greek tragedian Euripides and, despite falling foul of the law in book 5, the author maintains a grip on reality that many would have lost in such circumstances.Get a copy of all seven books. Dive into a murky world of pain and betrayal, but also of hope and expectation for a better future. "With Doctors Like These, Who Needs Enemies?" has it all.
Southern girls with sweet, downhome charm? Forget all that. These girls are trifling, conniving, and downright nasty. One of them is so dirty she's having an affair with her best friend's boyfriend--and Shanice is gonna weed her out and make her pay.

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