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A heartwarming book featuring children's own words and animal illustrations is the perfect book to say, "I love you, Daddy!" Original.
Please use the look inside feature (top left) to get an idea of how beautiful the interior pages are in this book. Colorful book with full color pages 25 prompts with blanks to make a unique personal gift One prompt per colorful page Write as little or as much as you want for each prompt Blanks are suitable for writing or drawing or you could glue in an item Great gift that any age can make into something personal and special Soft book with glossy cover 8.25" x 6" Unique Gift for men - to see other relatives please click on the author name - thanks! If you want to plan what to write on each page then the prompt are: I love you because you are; The very best thing about you is; You deserve to; I'm kind of obsessed with your; I adore the feel of your; You make me strive to be a better; If you were an animal you'd be a; You look fantastic when you wear; I'll always remember when you; The expression on your face was delightful when; If you wanted to, you could easily; It's very funny when you; I have unforgettable memories of the time we; I'd like to take you to; I really enjoy hearing your stories about ; Together, we could be the very best; I wish we had known each other when; You make the absolute best; I love watching you; You really inspire me when; Thank you for teaching me how to; I admired your brilliant idea when; You looked stunning when; I think you are amazing because; I was very proud of you when;
On Sale Now $7.53 ( Regular Price $12.99 ) The BEST gift for Dad this Father's Day! This wonderful book is the perfect way to treat the special dad in your life in a simple and thoughtful way! Suitable for Father's Day, birthdays, or just because... Included in Your Fill in The Blank Journal: Reasons Why You Love Your Father: Give a heartfelt reason why you love him that would melt your father's heart. Your Dad will appreciate that you spent the time to make him a loving gift! 8.5 x 11 Inch: The perfect size for a memorable keepsake! Easy to complete and read. High-quality paper: Bright white paper with a clean modern design. Benefits You Will Get from This Book: Build a strong bond with each other. Build self - confidence. Improves penmanship. Enhance creativity. A simple gift that will bring a big smile and earn you some high five from your dad or grandpa. This book will keep you and your loved ones connected forever. A gift that is truly unique and unforgettable! Dad is sure going to LOVE this. A meaningful way to express your love in refreshingly non-materialistic ways. Let this journal unearth the power of both your love and discover a great bond together. It's time to give dad (or grandpa) the best gift yet. Order now!
On Sale Now $6.95 (Regular Price $12.95) The Why I Love My Dad Journal is beautifully designed journal that will help turn your connection more closely with your dad. Effectively express your thoughts and ensure that you create a great moment with each other. The secret to expressing this thoughts is to be honest. This journal makes it easier than ever to do so. Included in your Journal My Dad: Where you express your thoughts through different reasons why you love him. Message For Dad: Where you can a write a short summary of your relationship. Sweet Message For Dad: A very sweet message for dad on his birthday. 8.5 x 11 Inch: Perfectly sized journal. High quality paper: Bright white paper with a clean modern design. This 120 page journal is ideal as a gift to your dad. Show him your appreciation and tell them what you feel inside. Don't let every moment pass by, let them remember how your bonding is important to each other. That is the reason why this Why I Love My Dad Journal is perfectly made for you. So take your closeness into the next level with this perfectly and unique journal! Order your WHY I LOVE MY DAD JOURNAL now!
A personalized, unique fill in gift book for your dad This book is my way of helping you, my dear Reader, to express your love in numerous ways on the pages of this book. It is a wonderful memory to create and give to your dad. Any time your dad sees this book, it will be a great reminder of all the great moments that you enjoyed together. I have made a cozy background that you can fill the way you want to. Feel free to add your thoughts, verses, even sketches if you wish. Personalize it in your own way and give this unique present to your special dad. Describe all the situations when you felt proud to have such special dad in your life. Write about the way he makes you feel. Tell more about the way that your world would look like without your dad in it. Share what you love most about him. Say how the presence of your dad in your life affected your personality. Say just how much you cherish your special bond. More books, additional info and cover variations on: http: //
Instead of buying a ready-made gift, show them how much you care by making this personalized book. They will love your handwritten answers to 30 writing prompts, ranging from serious to silly. This gift will be a treasured memory and can stand on display. Please click on the Author link above to see our selection of writing prompt books for people you love. Format: Small-size for putting on display or keeping in a keepsake box: 8.25" x 6" (20.96 cm x 15.24 cm) 32 pages Cream paper Paperback, soft cover with matte finish Writing prompts include: The most important lesson you ever taught me was... In five years, I hope we can... Your cooking is...

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