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Pick up your needle and create landscapes filled with fanciful flowers and creatures from field, forest, and ocean. Designer Wendy Williams shows you how to make 15 appliqué projects in a style that's part folk, part contemporary, and entirely delightful. Easy freezer-paper techniques and wool felt make the stitching go quickly. Add to the fun by embellishing with hand embroidery and machine quilting. Includes 15 projects for all skill levels: quilts, pillows, bags, sewing kit, needle case, and more. New ways to mix wool, cotton, and linen give your appliqué a fresh look. Includes instructions for 13 embroidery stitches.
Spruce up your space with 12 pillow patterns you can make in a day! Whatever your style—bold, modern, whimsical, or traditional—you’ll find pretty pillows in a variety of techniques, like patchwork, appliqué, and embroidery. With quick, satisfying projects from top designers, this booklet is a great value for the sewist who loves to start and finish a project in less than a day. Dig into your fabric stash and sew a set of pillows just for you, or give them as gifts!
Seeking a closer connection with nature than the manicured lawns of suburbia, naturalist Fred Gehlbach and his family built a house on the edge of a wooded ravine in Central Texas in the mid-1960s. On daily walks over the hills, creek hollows, and fields of the ravine, Gehlbach has observed the cycles of weather and seasons, the annual migrations of birds, and the life cycles of animals and plants that also live in the ravine. In this book, Gehlbach draws on thirty-five years of journal entries to present a composite, day-by-day almanac of the life cycles of this semiwild natural island in the midst of urban Texas. Recording such events as the hatching of Eastern screech owl chicks, the emergence of June bugs, and the first freeze of November, he reminds us of nature's daily, monthly, and annual cycles, from which humans are becoming ever more detached in our unnatural urban environments. The long span of the almanac also allows Gehlbach to track how local and even global developments have affected the ravine, from scars left by sewer construction to an increase in frost-free days probably linked to global warming. This long-term record of natural cycles provides one of only two such baseline data sets for North America. At the same time, the book is an eloquent account of one keen observer's daily interactions with his wild and human neighbors and of the lessons in connectedness and the "play of life" that they teach.
The young girl was witness to an execution on the banks of the Rio Grande River near her home and went into hiding from the Drug Cartels. While on tour of Italy, she met and took a lover who also was on the lam from the Mafia. The unrelenting pursuit drove them to many places of the world, especially Switzerland, Mexico and Italy where they finally settled.
In Search of Solitude is a collection of meditations that record moments of a spiritual pilgrimage. The purpose of these meditations is to put the soul in touch with the eternal in an ordinary time frame. Tom Oden relies on the ancient classic pattern of daily meditative 'hours' to order the life of prayer. An 'hour' here refers not to sixty minutes but to the phases of the daily cycle, related to darkness and light. Spending even a minute in prayer and meditation, seven times a day, sanctifies the entire daily cycle. In Search of Solitude presents selections from Tom Oden's lifetime of personal meditations, arranged according to the daily 'hours' for seven weeks. A series of prose interludes explain the understanding of the flow of time in which the acts of praise occur. Organized during the ten years following his wife's death, the meditations point to particular events and glimpses of reality. Readers can meditate on them to grasp meaning and applications for their own lives. Those who mourn the lost richness of an ordered prayer life will find In Search of Solitude a contemporary means of re-grounding their spirituality, simply by accessing this celebrated ancient structure, made available in electronic format at their fingertips.
The early years of the Arizona Territory were lawless and ruthless. The Arizona Territory Marshal was the only fortress of safety for many of these early pioneers. The peace keeping force was the father of what is now the Arizona Rangers. These men were seldom rewarded and often hunted by those wanting to run roughshod over the early immigrants. This story depicts the struggles that these officers of the peace battled with and eventually triumphed over. Jess Harden is faced with Apache Indians, outlaw gangs, gunfighters, and the hostile of the unforgiving western mountains and deserts. He combats elements and overwhelming opposition to baring his quarry to justice in a court of law. Follow his travel in good times and bad, as he helps tame the western frontier.

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