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Conner Vega, physically and emotionally scarred by his past, has returned to the lush, exotic landscape of the Panama rainforest - his birthplace, and hopefully an escape from the guilt that consumes him. Free to roam at last, the leopard in him longs to take control, but knowing how dangerous that would be, Conner must resist. However, there are more serious issues to deal with. Conner's been brought back for a specific purpose: to help save his people from an evil threatening their existence, and to avenge his mother's brutal murder. And this time he means to take care of business.
'Stepping back into Feehan's Ghostwalker series was like putting on an old, comfy pair of slippers that you just found hiding under the bed . . . you stick your feet in them and ahhh . . . heaven!' Book Chick City 'Thrilling... Treachery and betrayal continue to stalk the GhostWalker teams, keeping the danger quotient high.' RT Book Reviews When members of a United Nations joint security force are taken hostage by radical terrorists in Indonesia, Captain Ezekiel Fortunes is called to lead the rescue team. Part of a classified government experiment, Zeke is a supersoldier with enhanced abilities. He can see better and run faster than the enemy, disappear when necessary and hunt along any terrain. There are those in the world willing to do anything for power like that... A formidable spy genetically engineered to hide in plain sight, Bellisia rarely meets a man who doesn't want to control her or kill her. But Zeke is different. His gaze, his touch - they awaken feelings inside her that she never thought possible. He's the kind of man she could settle down with - if she can keep him alive...
This carefully crafted ebook: “AFRICAN MYSTERIES” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. “Zoraida” is a tale of a romance in the harem and the adventures in the great Sahara desert. “The Great White Queen” – Scars is a young boy who gets sent to a boy's preparatory school outside London where he befriends Omar, a strange kid from Africa. When Omar is called back home by his mother, Scars decides to join him on what he thought it would be a great adventure. “The Eye of Istar” – Zafar-Ben-A'Ziz, called by some El-Motardjim or the translator, has spent a couple of years in London. Upon his return from the land of infidels, Zafar becomes a dervish in the service of Mahdi. “The Veiled Man” is an account of the adventures and misadventures of Sidi Ahamadou, Sheikh of the Azjar Maraude. William Le Queux (1864-1927) was an Anglo-French writer who mainly wrote in the genres of mystery, thriller, and espionage, particularly in the years leading up to World War I. His best-known works are the anti-French and anti-Russian invasion fantasy “The Great War in England in 1897” and the anti-German invasion fantasy “The Invasion of 1910.”
Looks at the food cycle, including the relationship between low level food producers, plant eaters, carnivores, and top predators.

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