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When an injured fox (crippled by a steel-jawed trap) hobbled into Cherie Mason‚s yard one morning, it was the start of a special and unusual relationship. The young fox had every reason to fear humans, yet was won over by Cherie‚s persistent gentleness˜and the tidbits from her kitchen. For half a year he was a regular visitor and became something of a celebrity in the small Maine community. Yet he always remained a wild fox. He hunted his own food and interacted with other foxes. This is Cherie Mason‚s poignant story of how she befriended a wild creature, knowing that his instincts would soon lead him away forever. Suffused with gentle wonder, Wild Fox speaks to the deep human longing to span the gulf between species.
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"You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed." -- The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry In the harsh, frozen Siberian landscape, a scientist and a fox began a most unusual friendship--one that changed our understanding of human-animal relationships forever. In 1959, the world-renowned Siberian silver fox domestication experiment began, exploring the boundaries of relationships between humans and animals. Fifteen years into the experiment, lead researcher Dr. Lyudmila Trut met Pushinka, a beautiful silver fox pup who would become her near constant companion. So taken was she by Pushinka, Lyudmila decided to take the experiment a step further by moving into a small house with Pushinka, allowing for closer observation and more constant interaction between scientist and fox. As the seasons changed, so too did Pushinka, and she began to act more like a dog. Wild foxes do not play fetch, or wag their tails, or bark in defense of their friends, but Pushinka did. Soon, the two grew to know and love one another through trials in motherhood, relationship tests, and endless of games of fetch. Love, you see, changes us. Lyudmila and Pushinka's true story is one that weaves together the scientific and the emotional, demonstrating that even in the coldest places on earth, there is warmth.
ÿWhen Louise Wren spotted a tiny animal moving in the gutter as she was driving near her home one night, she screeched to a halt to find it was a fox cub, just a few weeks old, which had been hit by car. Louise has become something of an expert on foxes, having made friends with a whole family of them in her back garden, so she rescued it. The cub's hind legs appeared lame. Would it have to be put down or would Maddie, as she called the cub, survive with the specialist care of a vet's family who had other rescued foxes living with them? This is her story.
Based on the real life experience of the author, a red fox tells the tale of his friendship with a human being.

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