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A captivating, fact-filled atlas exploring animal habitats around the world for home or school. This beautiful book is from the producers of Firefly Encyclopedia of Animals, praised by Kirkus Reviews -the entries come from all over the world; some are common and others rare, but all are interesting in some way... for browsers and researchers alike, this is a useful and inviting display -- and a bargain.- Firefly Wildlife Atlas is similar but approaches the animal kingdom by means of habitat. It is also remarkable for its scope and presentation, covering almost 1000 animals in meticulous full-color illustrations and concise authoritative text. From millipedes to monkeys, this book offers a detailed and thorough guide to a wide array of the world's mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, as well as insects, spiders and other invertebrates. The atlas format shows regions and their habitats, for example, the African Grasslands has savanna in the Serengeti, bushveld in the south, and desert in the Sahara. Other regions may include one or more of tropical or temperate rainforest, woodland, wetland, tundra, polar and others. The regional maps present groups of native animals, such as browsers and foragers, birds of prey, reptiles and amphibians. Readers learn about the species and how they can co-exist in a single habitat. For example, one illustration shows how the physical characteristics of browsers and grazers allows them to eat from the same tree - an elephant's trunk grasps a tree's branches, leaves and fruit; a giraffe's long neck reaches the treetop's tender leaves; and a smaller eland uses its curved horns to break the tree's stiff lower branches. Firefly Wildlife Atlas also has encyclopedic A-Z spreads that show and describe a variety of species in one class of the animal kingdom, such as insects, reptiles, and birds. Special features cover topics like migration, seasonal change, cooperative predation, endangered species, and animal behavior. Packed with beautifully detailed illustrations and authoritative and accessible text, this is a book that is sure to open a young reader's eyes to the remarkable diversity of the animal kingdom and where they live.
Details the ecology and wildlife of the continents, oceans, and poles, and includes up-to-date conservation and preservation data and the human impact on the world's ecosystems.
This revised and expanded edition of the standard reference on Oregon wildlife provides interested citizens with a basic understanding of wildlife species and serves as an invaluable reference for serious naturalists and wildlife professionals.
Describes the world distribution patterns, habitats, and ecology of numerous wild animal species
Illustrations and factual data are combined in this reference to the earth's natural environment and animal life
From the rainforest to grassland, the desert to woodlands, wetlands to polar regions, this captivating, fact-filled atlas explores animal habitats around the world and the relationships between animals and their environment. Packed with detailed illustrations and stunning photography, each section looks at a different habitat, the animals that live there, and their behaviour and survival strategies, as well as migration, seasonal change and adaptation. Suitable for home or school, this is the perfect atlas for any young wildlife lovers.
Explore the animal kingdom with this pictorial atlas of the world's wildlife. Where do animals build their homes? How do they survive in very hot and cold climates? Why are so many species endangered? Discover the answers to all these questions and many more in The Animal Atlas. This lavishly illustrated nature ebook takes children on a tour, continent by continent, to meet the animals of the world. Within each section, the ebook travels through different biomes, such as forests, deserts, and lakes; and specific regions, from the Everglades to the Galapagos, Himalayas, and Great Barrier Reef. The Animal Atlas is packed with beautiful, life-like illustrations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects that live all around the world, from the Amazon to Antarctica. Each species is carefully hand-drawn to show details of fur, feathers, or scales, while accompanying captions reveal fascinating facts about the animal's behaviour. Maps, along with icons to represent each animal, show precisely where the animals are found. For example, Australia's iconic koala can be tracked down to the east coast of the country. The ebook starts with an introduction to animal groups and habitats, and finishes with endangered species and a gallery of amazing, record-breaking animals. First published in 1992, this atlas has been updated for the 2020 edition and is a beautiful gift for a new generation of zoologists.
This reference resource, in atlas format, is an online-only compendium of maps and data sets accompanied by multimedia elements designed to illustrate key concepts in green issues and environmentalism graphically and interactively. Topics for the maps presented in this work were selected from articles in the 12-volume SAGE Reference Series on Green Society: Toward a Sustainable Future. Each map includes links to one or more of the series articles. Maps include interactive components, with clickable icons to deliver the data and statistics that make up each map. Further, multimedia elements (photos, video and audio clips and transcripts) accompany map themes and presentations.
A guide to more than five thousand public and private facilities, including state and national parks, provides detailed directions, addresses, and telephone numbers, plus information on fees, permits, and wildlife. Original. 50,000 first printing.
The Book Gives A Vivid Description Of Rich Wildlife, Captivating Scenic Beauty Of Wildlife Sanctuaries And Natiuonal Parks Of Madhya Pradesh And Chhattisgarh State. More Than It Ios Also A Treatise On Zoogeographical Significance Of Wide Species Of Central India. The Book Is Useful For Tourists, Researchers And Laymen.
Those of us who live in California know that it is an amazing place, and one of the reasons our state is so unique is the incredible diversity of life throughout its length and breadth. This atlas shows what the diversity of life in California is and where such resources are located.
This milestone book is the first comprehensive survey of the geographical distribution of West Virginia's many breeding birds. More than three hundred volunteer birders systematically combed the Mountain State's forests, wetlands, mountains, and farmlands over a six-year period to collect the data that forms its basis. Detailed range maps are provided for 171 species of birds and two hybrids. Each map is accompanied by a summary of the bird's breeding range, population trends from the USFWS Breeding Bird Survey, and a discussion of factors affecting the Atlas results. Acetate map overlays allow the reader to compare bird distribution with geographical and ecological features of the state.
Text, maps, and numerous illustrations describe the evolution, environment, and interrelationships of the world's wildlife.

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