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Realizing that the time is right to act on their crazy idea of pulling their two daughters out of school for a year, shut down the house, and embark on a sailing sabbatical, Elli and her husband David, pitch the idea to their daughters. With just a few months planning time available, what follows is a mad rush to take sailing lessons, buy and equip a boat, devote countless hours to researching every aspect of their trip, and attempt to convince friends and relatives that they havent completely lost their minds. Temporary home found for their beloved dog Chester, boat stuffed with provisions, charts, and safety gear, their trip is almost over before it even begins when a strong summer squall causes their 42 sailboat to drag through the anchorage on their journeys first stormy night.
As early as AD 781, the writer of the Xi'an Fu inscription described the spread of Syriac Christianity (called Jingjiao in Chinese) to China as a wind blowing eastward. The discovery of the Xi'an Fu Stele, the Dunhuang Jingjiao Manuscripts, the numerous Syriac tombstones and fragments in Central Asia and many parts of China has unearthed a buried history of Syriac Christianity from the Tang Dynasty to the time of the Mongol Empire. The papers in this volume cover a wide range of topics from manuscripts and inscription, to the historical, liturgical and theological perspectives of Syriac Christianity in this geographic realm. Li Tang is Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Biblical Studies and Ecclesiastical History, University of Salzburg.. Dietmar W. Winkler is Professor of Patristic Studies and Ecclesiastical History at the University of Salzburg and Director of the Center for the Study of Eastern Christianity (ZECO) of the University of Salzburg.
Blown by the Wind of True Peace and Happiness opens the window of the infinite world through Yogic Meditation. Let your sleeping soul be awakened - true peace and happiness will weld up permanently.

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