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Section Seven is the most top secret part of Foster Peaks Laboratory and in the name of science they experiment on humans beings. After many years of trial and error they have finally perfected mans most challenging task. Mind Control. Sanctioned by a secret government agency known as The Blackhawk Group, Section Seven’s newest experiment must not fail, but when it escapes from the lab, it’s up to a small group, led by Mark Lawson, to try and retrieve it. Follow one of the world most decorated soldiers in his attempt to try and capture the world’s most terrifying experiment gone wrong. Some would say it’s your basic myth of man vs. evil, Mark Lawson would tell you it’s simply man vs. man. You be the judge.
"By the turn of the century, Santos-Dumont had moved to Paris. Soon, the dashing and impeccably dressed aeronaut was barhopping around the city in a one-man dirigible he invented, circling above crowds and crashing into rooftops. Eventually, he would join the world-wide competition to build the first true airplane. Once he succeeded, the press hailed him as the man who had conquered the air. (Because the Wright brothers worked in near secrecy, word of their first flights had not widely reached Europe when Santos-Dumon took to the skies.) His picture appeared on cigar boxes and dinner plates and he dined regularly with the Cartiers, the Rothschilds, and the Roosevelts, hosting "aerial dinners" in which his guests ate at an elevated table so they could imagine how it felt to be above the world." "But all would change after Santos-Dumont witnessed the destructive capacity of flying machines in World War I."--BOOK JACKET.
Jo Buchanan has written the story of her brave family living their public lives on television and movie screens, while dealing with a desperate, hidden tragedy.; The story of Logie winner, Miles Buchanan and his health problems._____________
The stunning, never before told story of the quixotic attempt to recreate small-town America in the heart of the Amazon In 1927, Henry Ford, the richest man in the world, bought a tract of land twice the size of Delaware in the Brazilian Amazon. His intention was to grow rubber, but the project rapidly evolved into a more ambitious bid to export America itself, along with its golf courses, ice-cream shops, bandstands, indoor plumbing, and Model Ts rolling down broad streets. Fordlandia, as the settlement was called, quickly became the site of an epic clash. On one side was the car magnate, lean, austere, the man who reduced industrial production to its simplest motions; on the other, the Amazon, lush, extravagant, the most complex ecological system on the planet. Ford's early success in imposing time clocks and square dances on the jungle soon collapsed, as indigenous workers, rejecting his midwestern Puritanism, turned the place into a ribald tropical boomtown. Fordlandia's eventual demise as a rubber plantation foreshadowed the practices that today are laying waste to the rain forest. More than a parable of one man's arrogant attempt to force his will on the natural world, Fordlandia depicts a desperate quest to salvage the bygone America that the Ford factory system did much to dispatch. As Greg Grandin shows in this gripping and mordantly observed history, Ford's great delusion was not that the Amazon could be tamed but that the forces of capitalism, once released, might yet be contained. Fordlandia is a 2009 National Book Award Finalist for Nonfiction.
"The scope of this book is daunting, ranging from madness in the ancient Greco-Roman world, to Christianized concepts of medieval folly, through the writings of early modern authors such as Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Descartes, and on to German Romantic philosophy, fin de siecle French poetry, and Freud . . . Artaud, Duras, and Plath."-Isis"This provocative and closely argued work will reward many readers."-ChoiceIn Revels in Madness, Allen Thiher surveys a remarkable range of writers as he shows how conceptions of madness in literature have reflected the cultural assumptions of their era, and emphasizes the transition from classical to modern theories of madness-a transition that began at the end of the Enlightenment and culminates in recent women's writing that challenges the postmodern understanding of madness as a fall from language or as a dysfunction of culture.
Depression—it can hit anyone at any time. It is a debilitating disease, a soul snatcher that turns everything in life a deadening black. It’s difficult to think that there can ever be a way out, a chance to return to the light of life again. But it is possible… If you are reading this, it’s because you or someone you know and love is suffering in that black abyss and desperately wants to be “me” again. This book is one of hope and encouragement, written by one who knows depression intimately and now helps others through their healing journeys. These words and thoughts can lift your spirit and give you hope and direction when you need it the most. Experience returning hope, a serene spirit, and a zest for life that you thought was long gone. Let this book help you to reclaim and live your life once again.
Achieve your life goals with SELF-DIRECTED BEHAVIOR! Featuring numerous research-based strategies, this psychology book guides you through exercises for developing skills in self-analysis and teaches you how to apply these skills in different settings. Case examples demonstrate how others have successfully used the book's techniques, including one individual who used shaping to gradually increase her ability to study, and another who learned to be more sure of himself on dates by consciously modeling a friend's confident behavior. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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