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The autobiography of one of the greatest pilots in history. In 1939 Eric Brown was on a University of Edinburgh exchange course in Germany, and the first he knew of the war was when the Gestapo came to arrest him. They released him, not realising he was a pilot in the RAF volunteer reserve: and the rest is history. Eric Brown joined the Fleet Air Arm and went on to be the greatest test pilot in history, flying more different aircraft types than anyone else. During his lifetime he made a record-breaking 2,407 aircraft carrier landings and survived eleven plane crashes. One of Britain's few German-speaking airmen, he went to Germany in 1945 to test the Nazi jets, interviewing (among others) Hermann Goering and Hanna Reitsch. He flew the suicidally dangerous Me 163 rocket plane, and tested the first British jets. WINGS ON MY SLEEVE is 'Winkle' Brown's incredible story.
If you seek the ordinary, the unresponsive, the evenly centered or the un-opinionated, you might never get to know Larry Butler. There is little or no Neutral about his opinions. Fiercely loyal to his family, his adopted college, (Penn State), his religious and political beliefs, he is forceful in his enunciations, unabashed in his protestatations, and always at the ready to do battle when he perceives his values being trampled. The quintessential master of proper English, there's much to learn from his pronouncements and his history. Dave Yoho, author, professional speaker, consultant. Vienna, Va. Larry has taken what is written in his heart and mind and placed it in this book to become one and perfectly telling his fascinating story. His verbal artistry has seamlessly bridged the perennial gap between thinking and feeling. Larry's inspiring story of fighting the good fight and keeping the faith made this reader stand up and cheer for his multiple successes. Given Larry's reputation as the mastermind behind all great plans, the book title runs true: the Butler did it, indeed. Shannon Jones, State College, Pa. The Butler Did It is a marvelous story about a consummate professional, a devoted family man, and a person I am proud to call a dear friend. Whether you want tips on building a successful media career or a life filled with purpose, this book is a must read. Dr. Rose Gabriele, Media and Marketing Consultant, Copley, Ohio Larry Butler is the complete media professional, deeply insightful in matters related to finance and investment. His memoir is a testament to a life well and enthusiastically lived. His compass points to family, friends and profession, inthat order and he has left a profound impression on each. Jeff Smith, President, Great Falls Communications, Vienna, Va.
This book is a complete narrative history of the Second World War in the air which starts by describing the early days of flight in order to put military air power in context when World War Two began. It then moves on to a step-by-step coverage of the air combat in each theatre of war.
A classic in every sense of the word, the re-issuing of this book is sure to provoke an enthusiastic response. First published in 1986 by Airlife, its publishing history has seen a great number of glowing reviews generated, coming from both historians and participants in the proceedings that the author so eloquently relays.??The book charts Crosley's service career in the Fleet Air Arm during the entire period of the Second World War. Part of his service saw him in action aboard HMS Eagle, flying Sea Hurricanes on the Harpoon and Pedestal Malta convoys of June and August 1942. It was during this time that he shot down his first enemy aircraft and survived the dramatic sinking of HMS Eagle. From there he graduated on to Seafires, (the Naval equivalent of the Spitfire), and flew this type in Combat Air Patrols over Norway and ramrod strikes from Operation Torch (the invasion of French North Africa in November 1942), through to D-Day in June 1944 in the European Theatre of Operations, and then in the Pacific abroad HMS Implacable as part of the British Pacific Fleet in 1945 until the end of the Pacific War, by which time he had command of his own combined squadron, 801 and 880.??The narrative is well written in a frank and often scathingly critical way of Fleet Air Arm operations during the Second World War and beyond. The book looks set to bring the endeavours of Crosley to a whole new generation of enthusiasts, and it should appeal across the board to fans of aviation, naval history and families and friends of Armed Forces, past and present.
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Marie Bostwick delivers a captivating novel of soul mates discovering each other as the country faces its greatest challenge. . . Morgan Glennon's destiny points straight up into Oklahoma's clear, blue sky. It's been that way since he was four years old, imagining the famous flier father he's never met. Morgan leaves college to enlist as a Navy pilot, and his whole world suddenly changes when America goes to war. Watching his friends fall in battle, robs Morgan of the joy he always felt in the air. It will take one very unusual woman to help him get it back. . . Georgia Jean Carter learned early never to rely on a man for anything but trouble. Airplanes are different: they take a girl places most boyfriends can't. Remarkably, the war makes it possible for Georgia to do her part as a pilot. Flying with the WASPs brings a special sense of belonging--yet there's something missing that Georgia doesn't recognize until a brief encounter sets her dreaming about a young flyboy she barely knows. . . Praise for Marie Bostwick and Fields of Gold "A touching story." --Patricia Gaffney "Captivating and hauntingly beautiful. . .a true gem." --Romantic Times, 4 1⁄2 stars "A gripping, heartwarming story." --Dorothy Garlock on Fields of Gold

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