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From H. P. Mallory—the exciting author of Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble—comes her new paranormal romance featuring the sassy, self-deprecating witch Jolie Wilkins. Jolie thinks she’s seen it all, but life continues to spring surprises. The latest shocker? She’s just been crowned Queen of the Underworld. Jolie may possess a rare gift for reanimating the dead, but she doesn’t know the first thing about governing disparate factions of supernatural creatures. She can barely maintain order in her own chaotic personal life, which is heading into a romantic tailspin. First there’s sexy warlock Rand, the love of her life, from whom Jolie is hiding a devastating secret. Then there’s Sinjin, a darkly seductive vampire and Jolie’s sworn protector—though others suspect he harbors ulterior motives. As the two polar opposite yet magnetic men vie for Jolie’s affection, she must keep her wits about her to balance affairs of state and affairs of her heart. Overwhelmed, under pressure, and longing for love, Jolie decides it’s time to take charge—and show everyone that this queen won’t take jack.
A laugh-out-loud cozy paranormal mystery. Evangeline Winther accepts that she is a witch... but is she a capable one? Eh, not so much. She can’t control her powers. She can’t cast a spell. And—let down of a lifetime—no one rides a broom. But she does have the love of her hot mechanic and her ever faithful—if somewhat annoying—cat. Things are looking up. Until someone runs her off the road. Now she must figure out who—or what—is trying to kill her.
Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there’s no such thing as normal. Charlotte Fenchurch knows that, which is why she’s not that surprised when a very special book of magic falls into her hands at the library where she works. As a fledgling witch, owning her own grimoire is a dream come true. But there’s something…mysterious about the book she just can’t figure out. Leopard shifter Walker Black knows what’s odd about the book. It’s full of black magic and so dangerous that it could destroy the world. Good thing the Fraternal Order of Light has sent him to Everlasting to recover it and put it into safe storage. If he has to, he’ll even take the witch who owns it into custody. That is until he meets Charlotte and realizes she’s not out to watch the world burn. She’s sweet and kind and wonderful. Suddenly protecting her is all he wants to do. Well, that and kiss her some more. But dark forces seem determined to get their hands on the book, making Charlotte their target, and Walker worries that he won’t be able to protect her from them – or the organization he works for. Can Walker and Charlotte survive the onslaught of danger? Or is that just witchful thinking?
Great to be used as a diary, planner, notes keeper, to-do lists, spells documentation device, motivational quotes logbook, secrets journal or personal rants vault. 120 pages of wide ruled / lined white paper Convenient 6" x 9" size with glossy cover Awesome birthday, Christmas or any occasion present for those with a dark/twisted sense of humor.
Q. What's a skeleton's favorite food? A. Spare ribs. Q. What was the witch's favorite subject in school? A. Spelling. Q. What kind of horse does a ghost ride? A. A night mare. Q. How does an exorcist keep in shape? A. He rides an exorcycle.
Drawing from her own interviews and a wealth of material from the Memorial University Folklore and Language Archive, Barbara Rieti explores the range and depth of Newfoundland witch tradition, looking at why certain people acquired reputations as witches, and why others considered themselves bewitched. The tales that emerge - despite their seemingly fantastic elements of spells and black heart books, hags, and healing charms - concern everyday affairs and reveal the intense social interdependence central to outport life. Frequently featuring women, they provide fascinating new perspectives on female coping strategies in a volatile economy.
Kids, get ready for a wild and wacky collection of riddles--hundreds of them--that will make you laugh out loud. Better still, the jokes come complete with funny illustrations that add to the pleasure of these show-stopping one-liners. What do X's and O's put butter on? Tick, Tack, Toast. What's a bee's favorite musical? Stingin' in the Rain. What kind of parasols do dummies buy? Dumbrellas. Whether the subject is TV, movies, sports, or fun in the family, these side-splitting comic capers are perfect.

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