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Angela Pisel’s poignant debut explores the complex relationship between a mother and a daughter, and their quest to discover the truth and whether or not love can prevail—even from behind bars. Grace Bradshaw knows the exact minute she will die. On death row for murdering her infant son, her last breath will be taken on February 15 at 12:01 a.m. Eleven years, five months, and twenty-seven days separate her from the last time she heard her precious daughter’s voice and the final moment she’d heard anyone call her Mom. Out of appeals, she can focus on only one thing—reconnecting with her daughter and making sure she knows the truth. Secrets lurk behind Sophie Logan’s big house and even bigger bank account. Every day when she kisses her husband good-bye, she worries her fabricated life is about to come crumbling down. No one knows the unforgivable things her mother did to tear her family apart—not her husband, who is a prominent plastic surgeon, or her “synthetic” friends who live in her upscale neighborhood. Grace’s looming execution date forces Sophie to revisit the traumatic events that haunted her childhood. When she returns to her hometown, she discovers new evidence about her baby brother William’s death seventeen years ago—proof that might set her mother free but shatter her marriage forever. Sophie must quickly decide if her mother is the monster the prosecutor made her out to be or the loving mother she remembers—the one who painted her toenails glittery pink and plastered Post-it notes with inspiring quotes (“100 percent failure rate if you don't try”) all over Sophie’s bathroom mirror—before their time runs out. From the Hardcover edition.
The tragic and needless death of a beautiful young woman named Cindy causes changes in many lives. Some change from anger. Some through love. Some are pushed by fear and honesty. And some get changed just because they're there.
Escape today with this gorgeous novel that will warm your heart, tickle your tastebuds and take you on the journey of a lifetime... 'Genuinely funny scenes' Cosmopolitan Addy Mayford has always struggled with her identity. Brought up in a household of stories, food and faith by her Irish mother and Pakistani Nana, she feels constantly torn between the two sides of her upbringing. Since the death of her father, she's found contentment cooking delicious recipes from his home city of Lahore, despite the protestations of her mother that being a chef is no career for a young woman. It's only with the love of her gorgeous husband, Gabe, that she's truly found happiness. When Addy stumbles across a secret that shatters her world, she desperately needs to escape and is drawn to the sights of Lahore and the family she's never known. Waiting for her there is Addy's final acceptance of who she is, and a long-buried family secret that will change her life for ever.
The Killilea family returns in the heartwarming sequel to national bestseller Karen. With Love from Karen picks up five years after the conclusion of Karen, the miraculous and true story of a girl with cerebral palsy who triumphed against all odds. It follows the Killileas through Karen’s teen years and into adulthood. Karen and her family continue to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles: They must fight for Karen’s right to attend public school, support Karen in her dream to raise and exhibit champion show dogs, and encourage her in her decision to use a wheelchair or walk on her own. Once again, the Killilea family proves that the power of faith, love, and courage in the face of adversity can make miracles happen.
With Love, From Malaysia is an intimate look at Malaysia in the 1970s, through a series of letters home by a young Canadian mother. With two toddlers and her Malaysian surgeon husband, she adjusts to life in a new country and strange culture.Karen E. Musa chronicles the challenges of tolerating a stifling bureaucracy and accommodating "how they do things differently." With Love, From Malaysia narrates the young family's rich and varied experiences, from their royal audience with the Sultan of Johore to visits to the kampong. For Karen Musa, the warmth of her husband's large extended family considerably eased her culture shock of "enjoying" the "luxury" of household maids, her continuing "saga of the telephone," and other tribulations in dealing with Third World officialdom. The family's adventures in the mundane chores of daily living, which the natives take in stride, make for entertaining reading. This is the Malaysia that natives and foreigners alike rarely experience or appreciate.
A collection of spiritual poems and inspirational readings by an up and coming author from the United Kingdom.
With Love from Alabama is the latest book from Alabama born author Dianne R. Swann. Look for her first children's book My Dad Is Not With Us.With Love From Alabama shows both the good and the bad side of love. The intimate collection of poems often reads like blues or country western songs.Part One touches on the good side of love, the thrills and chills of a new romance. The poems included in this section include the breathless "As If I Were A Fragile Gift", the coy "Secret Admirer" and the smile inspiring "The Morning After".Part Two of With Love From Alabama focuses on the not so good aspects of a once loving relationship. Poems from this section include the liberating Cut the Cord, the disgruntled "You May Have Lost My Number But I Threw Yours Away" and the short story length mantra of cheating "She Looked at Him in Disbelief" Other Books by Dianne R. Swann are The Swann's Song, WWW Dot Won't Wear A Rubber Dot Com and A Fried Baloney Sandwich For The Soul. All Books by Dianne R. Swann are available at or call 1-877-823-9235.

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