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Nurture your relationship with God as you experience each of these personal spiritual disciplines: prayer, silence, study, fasting, obedience, simplicity, giving, sacrifice, serving, meditation, journaling, self-denial, and solitude. You will not practice all of these disciplines daily, but by performing each one for one week, you should find those disciplines best suited to your own spiritual formation. Each chapter of the book introduces the discipline, explains the Bible background, gives practical tips for practicing the discipline, and ends with several famous quotes and questions for discussion and follow up for use in a class or small group setting. (Out of Print)
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“I am thrilled to know that The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity is being relaunched. A well-worn first edition of this book sits next to my office desk and I consult it often. There is no better collection of everyday issues examined from a Christian perspective. A wide variety of topics are addressed with a cleverly balanced combination of academic and practical perspectives, informed by thoughtful biblical and theological reflection. This is a wonderfully useful tool. I am pleased that it will be available to resource a new generation of Christians who are eager to understand more about what it means to follow Christ in every aspect of life.” — Alistair Mackenzie, Senior Lecturer: School of Theology, Mission and Ministry, Laidlaw College, Christchurch, New Zealand. Also Director of Faith at Work (NZ)
This book will help you find and release the special gifts God has given to you! Exploring Your Prophetic Gifts focuses on dreams , visions, and open heavens- it reveals how you can cultivate this realm of the prophetic in your life, and grounds you in the Word of God concerning prophetic gifts. Author James Goll has been involved in the prophetic movement for years and is known for adding depth of biblical content, church, and Jewish historical perspectives and contemporary experience to all of his books and teachings. Discovering the Seer in You: Exploring Your Prophetic Gifts provides the banks needed so the river of the prophetic anointing can continue to advance.
The question "What is human nature?" is in vogue today. Like everything else, this concept is being deconstructed in the context of the reigning ideology of individualistic materialism. Is there a fixed human nature, or is this simply a manipulatable social construct with no objective reference? This book says: "Yes, there is: the imago Dei: man/woman created in the image of God." Hobson argues that this text from Genesis 1:26-28 is a God-given anthropological revelation that establishes the relational bond of human beings with their Creator and also with his creation, for which the imago equips us to be responsible stewards. Many of Hobson's essays were delivered as talks in parishes. They explore from multiple angles the import of the imago Dei for theological and sacramental reflection, apologetics, aesthetics, art, and, at a hands-on practical level, for pastoral counseling and inner healing. His texts, one of which opens with a discussion of genocide, contain incisive critiques of the dark side of modernity alongside wide-ranging demonstrations of the pertinence of the imago Dei to the current debates about human dignity and rights. His book is a ringing call to the church to take the measure of the value of this anthropological revelation for its proclamation of the gospel.
What really brings about spiritual transformation? How do people change? In this study, Delffs show how to determine the basis for genuine internal change, rather than figure out how to adopt a new set of duties and teaches how to look at God's view and agenda, the role of the Holy Spirit, and the impact of our relationships with each other and with God.

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