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The stories of 35 remarkable women and the beautiful heritage roses that are named after them. Many of our best-loved heritage roses are named after women, and in this charming book, Ann Chapman explores the lives and stories behind the evocative names. We may be familiar with Mary Queen of Scots, Amy Robsart and Jeanne d'Arc, but who were Adelaide d'Orleans, Nancy Steen and Nur Mahal? Among the 35 women described here are serene queens, duchesses and aristocrats, courageous heroines and pioneers, as well as the passionate gardeners who contributed much to the cultivation and preservation of the roses named for each one. Each biography is beautifully illustrated with a portrait of the woman and a sumptuous photograph of her rose by the acclaimed French naturalist photographer Paul Starosta. Women in my Rose Garden will make a perfect gift, not only for rosarians and gardeners, but for all those with a love of history, romance and adventure.
This book is a journal of a woman living with "Young Onset Idiopathic Parkinson's." Ms. Lucka describes her physical challenges, shares her most personal relationship and psychological struggles, emotional ups and downs and role changes. After 26 years in the legal field, Ms. Lucka retired as a Corporate Paralegal in 2002. She was diagnosed at the age of 46 and has had Parkinson's for nearly 10 years.
The Rose Garden is a moving first-hand account of the scars left by childhood sexual abuse on the life of a successful, female attorney. Despite strong subject matter, the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of sexual abuse are sensitively addressed. An autobiography and family memoir, The Rose Garden spans four generations. Through the prism of her family circle, author Anna Waldherr examines the question of suffering, the bonds of family, and the nature of courage. Ultimately, The Rose Garden is a story of hope, compassion, and forgiveness.
This book reflects the following: • Prior to WWII, we were privileged to witness the last days of the horse-drawn ice wagons, the ragman, and even the musical Umbrella Fix-It Man. • All children in homes, churches, and schools were taught that their behavior was accountable to God, and it worked! • Domestic violence and abuse of women were tolerated, and the woman was always to blame. • Immigrants achieved progress and wealth by the sweat of their brow. • Family destruction by means of divorce was acceptable, and still is, as long as lawyers and judges made money! My prayer is that everyone who reads this book will realize the pain and suffering a corrupt legal system inflicts on families and that this book fall into the hands of a qualified person who can and will do something about it because divorces do not belong in the court system as a lawsuit.
THE ROSE GARDEN...remembering our beauty in tough times. Women, as the co-creators and the ones entrusted with bringing new life into this world, we must honor our strength which rests in our innate gentleness and softness. Our energy which protects an unborn for nine months while it develops all that it needs to survive outside of the womb, is the same energy which will restore wholeness and sanity back to humanity. We cannot do it however listening to others telling us how we should demonstrate our femininity. At our core level we KNOW! We know how to bring LIFE forth into existence. We know how to sustain and maintain life. We know because we are created that way. The female energy is the one chosen to bring life forth! Women from all walks of life are presented, inclusive of individuals with physical and psychological impairments; over-comers of severe obstacles and challenges and those who just refused to be dictated to by someone else as to how they should live their life. In the "ROSE GARDEN" you are given pages to write and document your thoughts and feelings. You are given affirmations, little notes of wisdom, and tidbits of advice along the way. Use that which best suits you. The process described in the book has been closely associated with the physical labor of pruning a garden, removing the weeds. Removing and discarding the debris and garbage from the garden is a must. "THE ROSE GARDEN...remembering our beauty in tough times," provides some tools and suggestions to assist with your pruning process. The 'seed', the thought, our intention is pure and uncluttered with influences from without or that resides outside of us. We can recognize the true message, the truth of who we are and proceed from that vantage point. For we know we alone are the mothers of civilization, no life exist without us. That is extremely powerful, when we allow that thought to penetrate our essence. When we are motivated by our unique characteristics and abilities, we willingly prune away or remove all that which does not benefit us. YOU, my dear, are the creator! "While for women, 'THE ROSE GARDEN' can also give men insight into the world of their wives and significant other. By allowing ourselves to get in touch with the reality of what women experience, sometimes because of us. We too, find spiritual and emotional healing as we seek to become the men The Creator intended for us to be. After reading, 'THE ROSE GARDEN', we may never see a rose the same again. We will come to realize it is truly the expression of a woman's journey to her full beauty. And so in giving her a rose, we are expressing our truest love for who she is, a ROSE!" from the preface written by Rev. Clarence Glover, Dallas Texas. "Sandy Rodgers has reached deep within her soul to discover the secret of the ages - healing the feminine energy. She brings a new thought to the challenge we endure as women of low esteem. Her personal testimonies and affirmations will heal the hearts of her readers. She has joined the ranks with Terrie Williams, Iyanla Vanzant and Terry Cole-Whittaker and many others on the path." Reverend Dr. Barbara King, Founder/Minister, Hillside Chapel and Truth Center, Atlanta, Georgia. "In this small volume, Sandy Rodgers provides a wonderful 'gardener's manual' for Sisters to cultivate themselves as the true roses of woman-hood that they are. She draws from her vast and rich personal experiences of overcoming the weeds and resistances to her own growth. Sandy then brings from that reservoir a rich and meaningful set of ideas and practical tools to help any woman recognize that no matter where she has been, she is still a rose and with a little attention to her self, she can bloom beautifully again. This manual will help any woman to 'weed' her garden and cultivate the beautiful roses of their being." Dr. Na'im Akbar Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Florida State University.
Link to Author Video and Website: Sister Georgia lives at the center of a bustling Yorkshire nunnery at the eve of the English Reformation. Yet she is no ordinary nun. Georgia and her sisters follow the ways of the legendary Saint Isela, recording her signs and miracles and preparing for her return. But the archbishop of London, Philip SeVerde, a man rising in Henry VIIIs royal court, cannot bear this wild nunnery of the north. Driven by greed and a lust for power, SeVerde demands that the nuns submit to his control and strict monastic rule. Georgia is persecuted and tortured, yet she refuses to back down. Drawing strength and visions from an ancient relic, Georgia must ensure that her mystical group of nuns survive the meddling of the corrupt archbishop. She must undergo an epic journey and endure, lifetime after lifetime, until the promise of Saint Isela can be fulfilled. It is the story of The Saint and the Fasting Girl.

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