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From the best-selling author of Women Who Read Are Dangerous, here are portraits of vanguard women writers, past and present, from Austen to Woolf, and Anais Nin to Toni Morrison. For many women writers, merely pursuing their vocation constituted an act of resistance. In this book, best-selling author Stefan Bollman creates revealing one-page portraits of important women writers, from across genres and around the world, each paired with a beautiful photograph or painting. Here are canonical women writers, including Isak Dinesen, Beatrix Potter, and Sylvia Plath; living luminaries such as Toni Morrison, Isabelle Allende, and Arundhati Roy; and lesser-known but no less important women like Selma Lagerlof, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, and Irene Nemirovsky, author of the rediscovered Holocaust memoir Suite Francaise. Francine Prose contributes a foreword that explores the women's courage and talent. AUTHOR: Stefan Bollmann, author of Abbeville's best-selling Women Who Read Are Dangerous, lives in Munich. SELLING POINTS: * A series of short illustrated biographies, from medieval era to the present day, told with the premise that for many women, writing itself is an act of resistance. * In a giftable format and illustrated with paintings and photographs of the featured writers, it can be merchandised with books about books, feminist books, and even art books. * The book's thesis is especially relevant to readers today, with the rise of the women's march,#metoo, and other women's activist movements in the past 18 months. * By the same author and in the same format as the best-selling Women Who Read Are Dangerous. 70 illustrations
"This book brings together a selection of paintings, drawings, prints and photographs for women reading by a diverse range of artists from the Middle Ages to the present day. Each image is accompanied by a commentary explaining the context in which it was created - who the reader is, her relationship with the artist, and what she was reading. This book will appeal to book lovers and anyone interested in the depiction of women in art."--BOOK JACKET.
Includes the playscript of Glass House by Fatima Dike with a brief introduction by Marcia Blumberg.
Nina Auerbach examines both the life of Daphne du Maurier as it is revealed in her writings and the sensibility of a vanished class and a time now gone that haunts the fringes of our own age.
Life-enhancing, packed with poetry and philosophical bon mots, Dangerous Women: The Guide to Modern Life draws on the experience of three dangerously knowledgeable women to offer practical but humourous advice, with an understanding of the finer art of living. With over 600 entries, from 'Accepting a compliment' and 'Affairs' to 'Entering a covent', 'Family therapy', 'I don't', 'Teenagers' and 'Wolf-whistling', this is the perfect bedside companion for the modern woman. Mothers, sisters, daughters and girlfriends are constantly asking themselves, and each other, questions about what it means to be a modern woman. Dangerous Women sparkles with the answers.
Essays by Sandra Brown, Jayne Ann Krentz, Mary Jo Putney, and other romance writers refute the myths and biases related to the romance genre and its readers

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