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This lively and informative new title was originally inspired by the author'stalian mother and her struggles with the vagaries of the English language.ver the years the author has tried to correct her attempts and explain whyhe word she has chosen is incorrect, only to be baffled herself by the lackf logic within those explanations. English is full of contradictions andeculiarities (not counting such dull grammatical inconsistencies as 'iefore e except after c', which are really no fun at all) and hoodwinks usnto believing one thing while meaning something quite different. In English,ll is not what it seems and with this book the author has brought thesellogical oddities to the fore. Questions of spelling, pronunciation or thelatantly nonsensical are illustrated through clever visual representationshat are created entirely through artfully manipulated typography.;Thislayful and sometimes hilarious text sorts the homonyms from the heteronymsnd introduces the 'antigram' (demonstrating how the swift shuffle of certainetters can create words that entirely contradict the first: honestly becomes
From the bestselling author of Woe Is I: A guide to grammar fundamentals that’s sympathetic to the struggling writer and often just plain funny” (The Seattle Times). Whether you need to improve your skills for work or school, or aspire to the Great American Novel, a grounding in grammar, spelling, and punctuation is essential—not just to make you look like a professional but to communicate effectively in emails, essays, or anything you need to write. This painless, practical book is filled with short, snappy chapters, crystal-clear examples, and a “playful sense of humor” (The New York Times Book Review)—covering everything from “Pronoun Pileups” and “Verbs That Zing” to “What to Do When You’re Stuck.” With these simple, straightforward tips, you can learn how to sort your thoughts and make sentences that make sense. “Students writing papers, employees preparing reports, and those who just want to be understood in print may benefit from this fun-to-use answer to Strunk and White. O’Connor uses humor as she takes apart sentences and their parts and shows how each element is used effectively.” —Booklist
The Nun And The Bum portrays an unlikely love story of Aneesa Haddad and Andrew LeBouef. She is born of Syrian parents, spends sixteen happy years as a teaching nun, falls in love with her pastor, leaves convent, leaves him, embarks on a peace-making journey of Arabs and Jews. Alls well except for missing soul mate. One day there he is disguised by his own strike-out.
"Grace, Emily, and Jane collide with friends, family, and culture under dark and comic circumstances, presented in uncanny, disturbing, and sometimes shocking terms ... A caustic account of how America makes and unmakes young women."--Page 4 of cover.

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