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ONLY FOOLS LET A LITTLE THING LIKE MARRIAGE GET IN THE WAY OF THEIR CAREERS... ESPECIALLY SOMEONE ELSE'S... David Cooper cheats on his wife. She doesn't cheat -- and that suits him fine. Until the young and beautiful Claudia appears and David wants out of his marriage. But Claudia has different ideas -- different dreams: To be a model, an actress, a star. And she'll do anything to make it. Just name a price... THE WORLD IS FULL OF MARRIED MEN is a devastating exposure of the cut throat media business -- the phony promises and the very real power of the casting couch.
New Edition Consult this source for more than 20,000 biographies of important men and women from the worlds of art, business, finance, music, medicine, law, politics, science, education, administration, entertainment and international affairs. This completely updated edition contains over 750 entirely new entries. To ensure accuracy, information is provided by the entrants themselves (whenever possible). An obituary cites individuals who have died since the last biannual edition.

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