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The Kawasaki name is one that has been associated with high-quality, top performance motorcycles. This volume is dedicated to the best of the best in the Kawasaki name, breaking down each of the most popular models and giving readers some reasons to buy them. Every aspect is covered, including engine performance and speed, for the individual need of the buyer or motorcycle enthusiast. Whether a reader is looking for a motorcycle for off-roading, racing, or long-distance travel, this text offers a bike for his or her needs.
Whether the reader is looking for speed, off-road performance, or quality highway travel, this volume is a one-stop buyer's guide to finding the right Yamaha motorcycle. After a historical look at the Yamaha corporation and the individuals and bikes that helped to build the company, each chapter breaks down a specific model and provides all the necessary information: speed, comfort, and engine performance. It's a terrific guide for any motorcycle enthusiast, whether a beginner or a veteran of the road.

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