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As Christians, were faced with challenges from multiple fronts. We love the idea of Gods free gift of salvation, but many of us dont give a lot of thought to the risks we are expected to take to deserve that gift. We go through life making excuses for our shortcomings and failing to reflect the true image of God because we dont want to sacrifice too much or upset anyone. Does God expect more from you? Are there times when youve been unwilling to risk your money, children, friendships, enemies, freedom, family, pride, reputation, or marriage for God? Are there risks you should be taking that would leave no doubt that youre serious about this Christianity stuff? And if youre not willing to take those risks, what is the alternative? Are you really serious about your Christian walk, or are you just going through the motions, believing God will work it all out? Is that all thats expected of you? Reading this book will help you examine your life and compare it to characters in the Bible who were willing to take the risk and some who chose not to. God expects more from you than lip service, and he is worth the risk.
Cowboy entrepreneur Jackson Worth wakes up next to trouble…literally. His new business partner, boot boutique owner Sammie Gold, should have been off-limits, but something about her sweet vulnerability has gotten under his skin. Working with her is torture, as are the memories of what happened in Vegas…. A one-night stand with the cowboy? What on earth was Sammie thinking? Jackson Worth is drop-dead gorgeous and completely out of her league. But if Sammie wants her happily-ever-after, she'll have to shed her girl-next-door image to seduce the confirmed bachelor once and for all!
One man is getting in the way of her revenge…her mate. Werewolf Marisol Cabrera has one goal in life: kill the man who murdered her entire pack. When she meets alpha werewolf Stephan and realizes he’s her mate, all her carefully laid plans dissipate in seconds. By all accounts, she should hate Stephan and everything he stands for. After all, he’s a dirty arms dealer doing business with her mortal enemy. Unfortunately, every time the dominating wolf gets close, she can’t deny her growing attraction for the last man in the world she expected to want. But things aren’t what they seem… Undercover DEA agent Stephan Lazos is about to make the biggest bust of his career, but everything that can go wrong, does. He never expected to discover his mate while on the job. She saves his life and his cover when he almost shifts in the middle of a crowded Miami nightclub, but that doesn’t mean he trusts her. The clock is ticking and if he doesn’t figure out what secrets the sexy she-wolf is keeping from him, he might not just lose his job, but his life in the process. Miami Scorcher Series, #2 Length: 36,000 words Author note: Though part of a series this book can be read as a stand-alone. Miami Scorcher Series 1. Unleashed Temptation 2. Worth the Risk 3. Power Unleashed 4. Dangerous Craving 5. Desire Unleashed
Kat knew this tall, dark, beautiful specimen of manhood was dangerous, but he made her melt. He was a commitment phobe. She willingly gave her virginity to him, but was he worth the risk of her heart?
More Than Words Bestselling authors & Real-life heroines Each and every one of us has the ability to effect change—to make our world a better place. The key is to begin in our own backyards, look at needs within our communities and then decide to do something about them. The dedicated women selected as this year's recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award have changed lives, one good deed at a time. To celebrate their accomplishments, bestselling authors have written stories inspired by these real-life heroines. In this book, Meryl Sawyer honors the work of Gracie Cavnar, founder of the Recipe for Success Foundation. We hope More Than Words inspires you to get in touch with the real-life heroine living inside of you.
From the moment they met, fighting together to save two young lives, Dr. Ally McGuire and Dr. Sean Nicholson were and explosive team! Sean was keen to follow his up out of surgery hours, but while he didn't want commitment of any kind, Ally knew she could never settle for a brief affair. Neither was prepared to risk falling in love…until, after one unexpected night of passion, Ally became pregnant….
Is it possible to overcome a lifetime of barriers and finally take a chance on love? Jamie Callahan handles her job as an investment analyst, her distant relationship with her niece, and her romantic liaisons with a cool head and unaffected heart. Until she meets Kate Brown, a woman who threatens to push aside Jamie’s protective defenses and uncover the emotions hiding underneath. Kate has a mask for every occasion. She wears them to please her parents, to move ahead in her career, to fit in the right social circles. She meets with Jamie because she needs funding for an Olympic-caliber horse, but instead she finds someone who sees beyond the image Kate projects and brings out her true desires. From the boardroom to the show ring in Portland, Oregon, Jamie and Kate routinely face uncertainty and challenge in their careers but never in romance. As their growing attraction threatens to expose vulnerabilities both try to hide, will they decide the stakes are too high or that love is worth the risk?

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