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Four thousand years have passed since Covenant first freed the Land from the devastating grip of Lord Foul and his minions. But he is back, and Convenant, armed with his stunning white gold magic, must battle the evil forces and his own despair.... THE SECOND CHRONICLE OF THOMAS COVENANT Book OneTHE WOUNDED LAND Book TwoTHE ONE TREE Book ThreeWHITE GOLD WIELDER
Thomas Covenant returns unwillingly to a Land ravaged by four thousand years of Lord Foul's pestilence. Under the evil Sunbane, the people of the Land submit to cruel sacrifices; the rulers of Revelstone are corrupt, the fields and forests laid waste; the healing Earth-power impotent. Accompanied by a woman from his own world, Covenant begins a new quest to save the Land from the forces that have all but destroyed it.
Mark Holloway doesn't want to talk about the bloody history of New Zealand and its people but he discovers that God does. God explains how we got into the mess of racial tension we're in, that neither is without guilt. He unfolds the reason he brought Māori and Pākehā to New Zealand - a reason that would ultimately change the entire world.
Luke, Teresa, and their friends battle natural and supernatural foes.
How Nomtombomsa became a traditional African diviner and healer or sangoma was told in the first book of this series, "The Sacred Pool." In this new adventure, Chris Ntombemhlophe Reid tells the story of how she must face the challenges of a changing world. Called to the beach by her dolphin friends, Nomtombomsa is horrified to witness the arrival of huge machines ready to destroy the pristine natural environment to strip-mine titanium. There seems no hope as her world and the animals and plants that inhabit it face extinction. Inspired by real-life events and the ongoing threat to the beaches and indigenous forests of Pondoland, South Africa, by greedy local and foreign interests, "The Wounded Land" is topical and relevant while being an exciting story for young adults and older readers alike. Readers will step into the magical world of animals and ancestors, learn all about the ways of the ancient Pondo clans still practiced today, and be enthralled by the story of how she uses every power at her disposal to confront the foreign company and corrupt local officials and try to end the threat to everything she knows and loves before it is too late.

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