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Writing Skills for Social Workers aims to raise the profile of writing skills in social work practice, and to enhance social workers’ written communication skills. The book adopts a logical progression, and each chapter identifies and contextualizes the practical skills needed at specific points in training and practice. Overall it encourages the development of writing skills and techniques which will stand the reader in good stead throughout their professional career. By adopting a practical approach the authors have included a number of pedagogical features such as reflective exercises, writing tips for specific tasks, and guidelines for further reading.
Communicating in writing is a highly valued skill which is central to the fabric of social work practice. Good writing is critical in informing sound decisions in the interests of service users, yet it is a skill that can often be neglected in the face of demanding social work roles. This book aims to help social workers to write clearly, accurately and objectively in all contexts, so that they can communicate effectively with multiple audiences. It gives social workers practical guidance and advice on how to write unambiguously, efficiently and analytically, demonstrating how important writing skills are to the professional identity of social workers. Topics covered include: * Advice on all communication types including emails, letters, case notes, reports, funding applications and text messages * Techniques for planning and organising your writing * Using professional language and vocabulary appropriate to your audiences * A refresher on common grammar mistakes that can detract from your message * Information on the legal frameworks you should be aware of when recording events, conversations, and recommendations * Meeting the requirements of reports where space to express yourself may be at a premium Each chapter contains numerous exercises, with examples of good analytical writing included to help writers to develop their own competence. Case studies drawn from real scenarios relate the skills being discussed directly to practice. This book is an indispensable manual for all social work students, newly qualified social workers and experienced professionals who want a practical guide to improving their writing. "I am pleased to endorse this very important book for aspiring social workers and qualified social workers. In my view this book will assist to improve competency in a range of effective written communications and develop personal confidence in the writing skills of social workers and other social care staff. A significant part of the role of social care staff is to be able to present a variety of information clearly in written form, conveying perspectives, knowledge and facts effectively in a variety of ways and to different audiences. In my work I have found that some of the areas where social workers need most improvement are punctuation, followed by grammar and clarity within their writing. Many also need to work on tenses, sentence structure and spelling. Those who read and use this book effectively will benefit greatly in improving their professional standards. For some of those, English may not be their first language. This book will give them the opportunity to gain confidence in writing skills, to improve their report writing skills, to avoid ambiguities and misunderstanding in relation to their work helping them to improve their ability to write for an agreed audience which captivates and retains the attention of the reader. This new confidence in their writing capability should have a knock-on effect to assist how they present cases and communicate with various people." Dame Lorna Boreland-Kelly, Chief Executive & Managing Partner, Bokell Associates Ltd, Magistrate, and recognized leader in the field of workforce development "Writing well matters! Writing is a necessary social work skill to ensure positive outcomes for service users and carers and to promote the profession of social work. This text is a critical resource for social work students and social workers to review and enhance their professional writing. Frith and Martin provide a solid rationale for professional writing and take the reader from technical aspects of writing to specific types of professional writing. The use of examples and exercises throughout enables readers to reflect on their strengths and areas for further development in technical and professional aspects of writing. The text will no doubt make social workers think twice before they write. This book is not a "once read" text for students or social workers, but rather a resource to keep within one's reach!" Barbra Teater, Associate Professor, College of Staten Island, City University of New York, America "Professional writing is an essential part of a social worker's repertoire. Poor professional writing is frequently criticised, in particular in the courts, making this volume an essential tool for social workers and students. It is accessible and clearly written. I highly recommend it." Joyce Lishman, Emeritus Professor, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK "In Professional Writing Skills for Social Workers, Frith and Martin have developed an easy-to-read guide for newly qualified (and long qualified) social workers to use in a very practical way. The book covers all areas of writing in a professional context from the correct use of grammar, punctuation and expected salutations to more specific style guides which cover reports, assessments and case records as well as writing in a broader sense which includes SMS, social media and emails. This book provides a useful guide to those who are moving from academic writing to professional writing but it is also a valuable and accessible reminder for all who need to write in a professional manner, however long they have been doing so. This book is a valuable addition to the shelf of anyone working in the health and social care sectors." Victoria Hart, Mental Health Social Worker, UK
This concise text is written specifically to help students and practitioners hone their techniques and develop their skills when it comes to writing in a clear, accessible and, above all, rigorous manner. There are sections on good essay writing and how to construct an argument, referencing and plagiarism, and reflective and critical writing. More than just another study skills book, Effective Writing Skills for Social Work is focused on real, day-to-day practice issues and the complex academic demands faced by social work students.
This new text will build on Courtroom Skills for Social Workers, by updating the legal and research content and strengthening the material on recording. There will also be additional contributions from service users and more practice examples, so as to make the book interesting and relevant for qualified social workers. It will assist social workers in meeting their CPD requirements for continuing registration and also offer a framework for short in-service training courses on court skills and recording, both areas in which social workers' performance comes under the scrutiny of other professionals.
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