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This book looks at the fundamental components of national identity as understood by ordinary nation members, and the way in which it is mobilised by political elites. Drawing on an original case comparison between Wales and the Basque Country, the author suggests there are many commonalities between these two nations, particularly around the fundamentals of their national identities. However, differences occur in terms of degree of intensity of feeling and around the politicisation of identity, with more entrenched and hostile political positioning in the Basque Country than Wales. Through a multi-level comparison, the book generates insights into national identity as a theoretical concept and in a ‘stateless nation’ context. It argues for national identity's intangible, yet polemical, nature, looking at the primordialist way it is understood, its permanence and importance, coupled with its lack of everyday salience and consequent obligations.
The Multilingual Dictionary in Creole, English, Spanish, and French is definitely for the polyglots, the philologists, and for anyone who wants to learn, improve, or compare his/her languages. It is not common to see a book written in four languages before. This multilingual dictionary, although it is focused principally on the Haitian Creole, should interest anyone.
Acerca del diccionario multilingüe kreyòl-español-inglés-francés y de su autor “Bèl Kontwòl Kreyòl: Diccionario Multilingüe es uno de una serie de libros de textos en varios idiomas (kreyòl, español, inglés y francés) cuyo propósito es facilitar el proceso de aprendizaje y la comprensión del kreyòl, hacer la vida más fácil y facilitar las futuras investigaciones. En esta serie, se puede conseguir los libros siguientes: gramática kreyòl-español; gramática kreyòl inglés; libro de conversación práctica kreyòl-inglés; diccionario multilingüe kreyòl-español en cuatro idiomas; y diccionario multilingüe kreyòl-inglés en cuatro idiomas. Este diccionario kreyòl-español tiene una introducción, un análisis contrastivo en los cuatro idiomas de unas treinta consideraciones gramaticales, de los signos de puntuaciones, de algunas trucas gramaticales para facilitar la transición del kreyòl al español y viceversa, de setenta y ocho expresiones latinas al kreyòl, español, inglés y francés e información general relacionada con el kreyòl y el español. Está dividido en dos partes principales: kreyòl-español (el kreyòl está en orden alfabético) y español-kreyòl (el español está en orden alfabético), pero cada parte es complementada por el inglés y el francés. El diccionario tiene 468 páginas. En este diccionario, utilizamos los términos generales, las palabras y expresiones francesas creolizadas, palabras nativas y africanas, palabras extranjeras, palabras tecnológicas, científicas, neologismos así como vocabularios provenientes de materias tales como: química, física, biología, derecho, medicina, entre otros. Todo está basado en la ortografía oficial del kreyòl haitiano y adoptamos los procedimientos siguientes, varios de los cuales podrían ser revisados y fijados por la Academia del kreyòl haitiano: 1) Paréntesis ( ) para los sinónimos. Ejemplo: Ayibobo (abobo) 2) [ ] indica que se trata de una palabra facultativa pero que puede completar el sentido de la primera palabra. Ej.: Gade ki moun ki [rive] la a. 3) Mo vilg. Quiere decir palabra vulgar 4) Zool.: zoología 5) Anat.: anatomía 6) Culin: culinaria 7) Fig: sentido figurado 8) qqn: alguien o algo 9) kr. Fr.: palabra o expresiones afrancesadas 10) geom..: geometría 11) irr. Verb: verbos irregulares 12) wè istwa mo a: véanse el sentido extendido de la palabra
Unalaska, Alaska is closely based on Wolf Larsens experiences living and working on Americas final frontier. Unalaska, Alaska is about life on commercial fishing boats at the top of the world. The main character Jay works 115 hour weeks on the Bering Sea, which has some of the worst weather in the world. After a year and a half on the fishing boats Jay begins living and working on the island of Unalaska, Alaska which is one of the most remote corners of the North American continent. The novel Unalaska, Alaska is as wild as the island itself - an untamed frontier town where guns and groceries are sold side by side at the local supermarket.
While high school drop-out rates have steadily declined among white and African American students over the last twenty years, a constant 35 percent of Latino students continue to quit school before graduation. In this pioneering work, Harriett Romo and Toni Falbo reveal how a group of at-risk Latino students defied the odds and earned a high school diploma. Romo and Falbo tracked the progress of 100 students in Austin, Texas, from 1989 to 1993. Drawing on interviews with the students and their parents, school records, and fieldwork in the schools and communities, the authors identify both the obstacles that caused many students to drop out and the successful strategies that other students and their parents pursued to ensure high school graduation. The authors conclude with seven far-reaching recommendations for changes in the public schools. Sure to provoke debate among all school constituencies, this book will be required reading for school administrators, teachers, parents, legislators, and community leaders.
This volume establishes guidelines and sets a foundation for future directions in teaching Spanish to native speakers. Leading scholars in the field address key issues faced by this growing segment of students, teachers, and researchers: the realities of the classroom, how to teach language through culture, whether a standard variety of Spanish exists, and whether it should be taught in the classroom. A discussion of the status of teaching Spanish to native speakers throughout the U.S. and recommendations for future action rounds out this important and timely book.

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